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Welcome to Section 3 of the poll series starting with Poll 16. After this section, we will have Poll 19, a redemption round, and then the finals. As I explained earlier, the last redemption rounds will be for purposes of the finals. I will explain more once they begin.

As of the last round, we have the remaining 36 episodes to choose from. We have Seasons 1 with 5, Season 2 with 7, Season 3 with 5, Season 4 with 5, Season 5 with 8, and Season 6 with 6.

Moving on to this poll, we have all of Seasons 1 and 2. There is the episode that started it all, An early AppleDash story, Discord nearly succeeding with his plans, the first holiday themed episode, Spike becoming a monster and more.

This poll will close on February 19th at 11:00 PM (EST). As always, feel free to comment.

Twilight Sparkle has come a long way since the beginning. She meets very different ponies in a quaint little village who turn out to be crucial in her quest to prevent an eternal night.

Friendship Is Magic, Part 1 - 7
Friendship Is Magic, Part 2 - 8

Rainbow Dash’s friendships all seem to stem from competitiveness. If she’s not racing with Gilda, she is challenging Applejack in various contest besides racing.

Griffon the Brush-Off - 3
Fall Weather Friends - 14

Twilight has two beings to deal with in these stories. She must help Princess Luna fit in with a new world while the other has her deal with Discord’s unrelenting magic of disharmony.

Luna Eclipsed - 14
The Return of Harmony, Part 2 - 4

Pressure of success can affect many. Fluttershy has trouble dealing the attention her new career gives, and Twilight’s need to be punctual interferes with her daily life to the point of insanity.

Green Isn't Your Color - 2
Lesson Zero - 15

Selfishness leads to many negative emotions. The three tribes’ unreasoning hatred for each other brought the windigos, wand Spike’s greed becomes uncontrollable and makes a monster of him.

Hearth's Warming Eve - 13
Secret of My Excess - 4

These two Pegasus ponies continue to learn about themselves even when grown up. Rainbow Dash learns that reading is for every pony while Fluttershy learns that she can fly like any other Pegasi but in the right situation.

Read It and Weep - 8
Hurricane Fluttershy - 9

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