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The first round had an unexpected turnout but now it is time for poll number two of the series. Here we have the rest of Season 1 with the first bits of Season 2. The latter has the introduction of our favorite draconequus and a proper introduction to the princess of the night. The remaining Season 1 episodes are have a flighty phoenix, a crazy Pinkie, "Fashionshy", and a big party that goes up in smoke.

I thought I'd point out the drafts of polls three through nine are complete. Therefore they should be posted just after each poll closes. Also, in case some are confused by "EST," it stand for Eastern Standard Time zone which is where I am. I state this because some people here live in different parts of the world and the time each poll closes could differ. If you follow the time zones well enough, you can easily calculate how long you have until it closes. Just some food for thought.

This poll will close on January 19th at 11:00 PM (EST). Let's vote!

The kids are at it with their wants without thinking. The Crusaders mix up their talents and turn a rock show into comedy while Spike’s jealousy leads him to be bad and runaway in shame.

The Show Stoppers - 6
Owl's Well That Ends Well - 9

These two ponies have a moment where they ignored and alone in their life. Pinkie slips to creepy town while a princess is out of her place...and era.

Party of One - 7
Luna Eclipsed - 12

Princess Celestia is shown to be lively despite her royal standing. She plays a joke on the Cakes at a lunch-in and expected wild antics from the Mane 6 to make a better Gala...for her.

The Best Night Ever - 16
A Bird in the Hoof - 2

Conflict is a sub-theme in these episodes. Discord’s spell takes its toll on Twilight and her friends while settlers and natives fight over land like normal 1890s Americans.

The Return of Harmony, Part 2 - 13
Over a Barrel - 1

Here we have Rarity in two different situations. Her wit is put to the test against greedy dogs and she learns how to be a better sister to Sweetie Belle.

A Dog and Pony Show - 2
Sisterhooves Social - 13

Even Fluttershy gets in over her head in when she becomes a model and pleases all but her and when the CMC prove to be more of a handful than her animals.

Green Isn't Your Color - 12
Stare Master - 5

Cutie mark is the theme and Apple Bloom craves it. She tries to get it through a dangerous plant and the other episode has her and her friends listen to how the Mane got their marks.

The Cutie Pox - 6
The Cutie Mark Chronicles - 11

Discord and Twilight are devious when insanity contributes to their plans. Discord corrupts the unicorn’s friends while Twilight creates a problem in order to solve it.

The Return of Harmony, Part 1 - 5
Lesson Zero - 11

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