Finally, we are here. This is part one of the finals where we will determine which episode is considered the most liked. Right now, we have ten episodes. There's Season 1 with 1, Season 2 with 2, Season 3 with 1, Season 4 with 2, Season 5 with 2, and Season 6 with 2. With so many stories comes so many possibilities. There's a running of the leaves, Musical episodes, a reformation story, a character going insane, and a unicorn regaining her confidence in leadership.

For the record, I have re-shuffled the episodes for the occasion. I might do it for the Semi-finals too, but lets just see how this turns out.

This poll will close on March 1st at 11:00 PM (EST). As always, feel free to comment.

Applejack & Rainbow brohoof S1E13

Fall Weather Friends - Amy Keating Rogers

Fluttershy determined S2E22

Hurricane Fluttershy - Cindy Morrow

It's never a back thing to push yourself once awhile. Two competitive friends to themselves in negative ways to out run each other while a shy Pegasus decides to prove to herself that she is a capable flyer like some.

Fall Weather Friends - 11
Hurricane Fluttershy - 18

Clock is ticking S02E03

Lesson Zero - Meghan McCarthy

Main cast and Discord around the dinner table S03E10

Keep Calm and Flutter On - Dave Polsky

Sometimes Twilight and Discord are alike when it comes to planning. Twilight, in a delusional state, plans a problem in order to have something to write about. Discord goes along with his reformation while also deciding to flood an apple farm with angry beavers.

Lesson Zero - 15
Keep Calm and Flutter On - 14

The Spirit of Hearth's Warming Past and Snowfall look at filly Snowfall S06E08

A Hearth's Warming Tail - Michael Vogel

The Crusaders finally get their cutie marks S5E18

Crusaders of the Lost Mark - Amy Keating Rogers

Two musical episodes with their own interesting story. Starlight comes to appreciate the holidays after listening to a story of her a Scroogey sort of way, and the CMC surprisingly reform a bully and get their marks all in one day.

A Hearth's Warming Tail - 11
Crusaders of the Lost Mark - 19

Twilight and Tirek face-to-face S4E26

Twilight's Kingdom, Part 2 - Meghan McCarthy

Twilight consoling Moon Dancer S5E12

Amending Fences - M. A. Larson

Twilight had many challenges in her life. She held all the alicorn magic in Equestria and managed to fight off Tirek until a tradeoff. Later, she faced an even greater challenge, earning the forgiveness of an old friend.

Twilight's Kingdom, Part 2 - 17
Amending Fences - 16

Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich looking at each other angrily S4E12

Pinkie Pride - Amy Keating Rogers

Chrysalis "...or what it takes to be their queen!" S6E26

To Where and Back Again, Part 2 - Josh Haber & Michael Vogel

Sometimes a character needs a foil and two ponies seem to have it here. Pinkie finds a kindred spirit in Cheese Sandwich while Starlight found in an unlikely friend in Trixie who would go to where and back with her to save Equestria.

Pinkie Pride - 17
To Where and Back Again, Part 2 - 13

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