This, ladies and gentlemen, is the final redemption poll of this series. After this, any episode that doesn't make it past the Semi-finals will be permanently eliminated. This last round of polls had many surprises. We had at least 33 people vote on the polls which is the most people that have participated as of this series. That is amazing. And now, here are the episodes in jeopardy.

All of these episodes have shown to be favorites among the fans over several others, but only one of these will move on while the others do not.

This poll will close on March 3rd at 11:00 PM (EST). As Always, feel free to comment

Fall Weather Friends - 2
Keep Calm and Flutter On - 2
Amending Fences - 16 (WINNER)
A Hearth's Warming Tail - 1
To Where and Back Again, Part 2 - 6

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