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Here we are fellow Bronies. The final three of the MLP:FIM Episodes Poll Series. This series seemed to fly by in these past two months, but now we've reached the end. We have one episode from Season 4 and two from Season 5 competing for the top spot of being everyone's favorite or simply the best. Let's have a look at our finalists.

Twilight's Kingdom, Part 2

Twilight and Tirek face-to-face S4E26
This second half of the episode, written by Meghan McCarthy, garnered the most views on cable TV and as well as a larger appreciation from the fanbase. Most of Season 4 had led to this point where Twilight not only has to save Equestria again but also find her key to the chest and hold all the alicorn magic in Equestria to keep it from Tirek. Then they battle it out in a Dragon Ball Z styled battle before sacrificing her magic for her friends. To make a long story short, Rainbow Power ignites and Tirek is defeated. The emotional hype plus the equally great Discord sub-plot make this episode's popularity still linger on.

Amending Fences

Twilight consoling Moon Dancer S5E12
Season 5 had plenty of emotional episodes. M. A. Larson's final episode for Season 5 was no exception. We take a journey with Twilight to where it all started. Twilight remembers her old friends from Canterlot and decides to make amends with them. The only one that doesn't seem to want anything to do with Twilight is Moon Dancer. After a little onion picking, we see the reason behind Moon Dancer's resentment. Twilight skipping Moon Dancer's party not only disappointed her former best friend but also hurt her self-esteem as she put herself out for the first time and Twilight not showing up made her feel unimportant. Twilight, with help from old friends and Pinkie Pie, manage to recreate the party and after an emotional confession, Moon Dancer opens up again and reconciles with Twilight. Very relatable for most fans and an emotional performance by Kazumi Evans, this one is definitely on some favorites lists for this season.

Crusaders of the Lost Mark

The Crusaders finally get their cutie marks S5E18
One of the last episodes written by Amy Keating Rogers, this episode marked a turning point for our favorite trio of fillies. After securing Pipsqueak's win for class president, they see the repercussions Diamond Tiara suffers from her mother. Having just lost Silver Spoon's friendship on top of it all, she is depressed. The CMC encourage her to change her ways and surprisingly succeed with Diamond Tiara becoming a kind, helpful leader who gains new friends and reconnects with Silver Spoon. This musical ends with yet another twist. The girls finally achieve their lifelong goal of earing their cutie marks not by finding their own talent but helping others find their talent or rediscovering it. What a way for Rogers, a writer since Season 1, to go out.

The Poll

Twilight's Kingdom, Part 2 - 15
Amending Fences - 12
Crusaders of the Lost Mark - 16 (WINNER)

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