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Here we are at Poll Three where the bulk load of Season 2 is present. This round has two more holidays introduced in the MLP lore, Spike questioning his origins, mischievous babies, and even a "Flutter Balboa."

The last poll had some difficult choices but don't fret. After this poll, a redemption round will occur. Three episodes from each poll that lost in Polls 1-3, the ones with the highest number of votes, will get a second chance to move on. It will occur during Poll 4 for time compensation and as a way to even out the thirteen-episode Season 3.

This poll will close on January 22 at 11:00 PM (EST). You may now begin.

Pride is the enemy for these two ponies. Rainbow Dash becomes egotistical after becoming the town hero while Applejack is too ashamed to return home with nothing to give back to Ponyville.

The Mysterious Mare Do Well - 4
The Last Roundup - 12

Holidays are eventful in Equestria. The Mane 6 put on a pageant based on their country’s founding while the CMC attempt to give their favorite teacher a special pony for a day of hearts and "poison."

Hearth's Warming Eve - 14
Hearts and Hooves Day - 2

Spike begins to have questions about his heritage. After having a greed induced growth spurt on his birthday, Spike eventually questions where he’s from and goes on a journey of self-discovery.

Secret of My Excess - 12
Dragon Quest - 6

Rarity and Fluttershy put their wants above their friends here. Rarity forsakes her roots to mingle with the Canterlot elite while Fluttershy takes her assertiveness training a little too far.

Sweet and Elite - 14
Putting Your Hoof Down - 3

Pinkie and Rainbow Dash get a new perspective on things. Pinkie learns that babies need more than playtime while Dash learns reading can actually be fun with the right book.

Baby Cakes - 4
Read It and Weep - 14

If you worry, negative outcomes are sure to follow. Apple Bloom worries of embarrassment from her Granny while Twilight worries about the future and takes great measures to change it.

Family Appreciation Day - 4
It's About Time - 14

Both of these episodes have a song number that makes believe it’s musical. Fluttershy helps Dash find the perfect pet while two brothers attempt show their new contraption that almost ruins the Apple Farm.

May the Best Pet Win! - 12
The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 - 6

Pinkie just loves being herself and making friends, even with one cranky donkey while Fluttershy proves to herself that she is a capable flyer like her fellow Pegasi.

A Friend in Deed - 5
Hurricane Fluttershy - 13

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