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After four rounds of polls, we have finally reach the midpoint of the poll series. The last round had many surprises and tough choices such as finales and favorite characters, but the show must go it were.

Here we have the first steps of a larger story arc in the show involving a chest with six keys. There is also the ending of the previous that turned heads with Twilight's transformation. Other episodes include Discord giving lessons to Twilight, magic comics, Scootaloo's insecurities, and the possibility of Applejack and Pinkie being related.

Also, props to Party of One for winning the redemption round. Whatever it be paired with, it has another chance to move forward or be eliminated again.

This poll will close on January 28th at 11:00 PM (EST) and as always, feel free to comment down below.

Two ponies are put to their biggest test. Twilight is given a spell that leads to her destiny or failure while Rainbow Dash’s loyalty is called into question while training for the Equestria Games.

Magical Mystery Cure - 16
Rainbow Falls - 1

Discord offers his own tests to Twilight with these two stories. He teaches her to not let her title change who she is. Later, he tests her to see how far she’ll go to prove her friendship to him.

Princess Twilight Sparkle, Part 2 - 8
Three's a Crowd - 9

Country plays a big part in these episodes. The Apples and Pinkie take a trip on a wagon and sing in harmony until it breaks, and Rarity switches styles to impress a traveling writer.

Pinkie Apple Pie - 17
Simple Ways - 1

The Castle of the Two Sisters is full of surprises. The girls and Spike are scared out of their wits by secret traps and a comic book sends them to a superhero themed world where they must defeat the bad guy to escape.

Castle Mane-ia - 11
Power Ponies - 6

Rainbow Dash and Pinkie meet their idols or matches of the otherwise. Daring Do learns the importance of teamwork while the party pony learns just how much she has impacted others.

Daring Don't - 2
Pinkie Pride - 17

Two Pegasi have fears to overcome. Fluttershy loves to sing but not in front of crowds, and Scootaloo fears that she will never fly like her “sister” or any Pegasus.

Filli Vanilli - 5
Flight to the Finish - 10

Sometimes ponies just need someone to blame. When familiar events take place in Ponyville, Discord is automatically thought of, and then, Applejack wants to hurt bats for just doing what nature tells them to.

Princess Twilight Sparkle, Part 1 - 4
Bats! - 13

These two ponies have unique stories despite being very different. Rarity questions whether generosity is still useful in the big city, and Pinkie wonders if her friends don’t like her anymore.

Rarity Takes Manehattan - 5
Party of One - 11

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