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Here is Poll 7 ladies and gentleman. We have a great chunk of a season that every one of us waited for almost a year. We have ensemble focused episodes, a Big Mac story, a return to episode one, the Cutie Mark Crusaders finding a sad pony behind her snobbish exterior, and a surprise announcement from the royal couple.

In the last round of poll, we lost a disturbing "Part 1" episode, Breezie-styled Mane 6, and one episode had no votes at all. But best not wallow in our pity. We're almost to the conclusion of the first section of polls.

This poll will close on February 1st at 11:00 PM (EST).

The background ponies take time to shine this season. First, planning a wedding is no easy feat with Derpy, Lyra, Dr. Hooves and more putting it together. Later, they are rallied by the Mane 6 to help Princess Luna defeat a dream monster.

Slice of Life - 10
Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep? - 7

More Map episodes are guaranteed with the return of a certain griffon who does have a heart and a return to Manehatten where Rarijack must bring a community back together through the theatre.

The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone - 14
Made in Manehattan - 4

Two have not only become buddies but have felt unappreciated. Spike uses Twilight title and privileges to get what he wants and Big Mac decides put on a dress to help his baby sister participate in a social event.

Princess Spike - 1
Brotherhooves Social - 16

Foreshadowing and shocking twist mingle with this arc. The CMC discover a Pony in need of finding his cutie mark’s meaning and an old enemy is the key to getting their long-sought desire.

Appleoosa's Most Wanted - 2
Crusaders of the Lost Mark - 15

Things are never what they seem. Rarity’s dream store in Canterlot becomes a place where passion is dissolved and Applejack mistakes deep-hearted traditions in the Pie family as plain and not festive.

Canterlot Boutique - 5
Hearthbreakers - 14

Two friendships problems. Discord is letting his jealousy get the better of him while Moon Dancer is letting a bad memory prevent her from making friends.

Make New Friends but Keep Discord - 4
Amending Fences - 15

Rainbow has two predicaments. She has trouble letting of her beloved pet during winter, and she is being framed with Rarity being the only one who can help her.

Tanks for the Memories - 11
Rarity Investigates! - 8

Once more Pinkie is given important tasks. First she must travel to a formerly closed off country to find out what they like, then she must keep a royal until the right time but proves to be harder than babysitting.

Party Pooped - 2
The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows - 15

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