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Poll 8, the second to last in the first section of polls, is here. Now we have entered the close of Season 5 and first portion of Season 6. Here we have A Pegasus whose dream finally became reality, a dragon who would be lord, a two-part finale that brought old foes back for what might've been evil futures and two-part premiere that introduced a new character with mixed reactions from the fanbase that still goes on.

The last round had some surprises. I suppose the everyday life of secondary characters is still interesting to most people. Also we lost a Discord episode, a film noir tribute, a return to Appleoosa and others. Still, there are plenty of episodes to choose from in the future.

The poll will close on February 3rd at 11:00 PM (EST). As always, feel free to comment.

Dreams are received or renewed with this pair. Coloratura remembers why she loved to sing with Applejack’s help while Rainbow finally achieves her dream with mixed results.

The Mane Attraction - 13
Newbie Dash - 2

Why do country folk seem to have eccentricities? Two feuding families use food to battle each other and Applejack just has a kooky schedule that keeps her from personal time.

The Hooffields and McColts - 9
Applejack's "Day" Off - 4

Potential threats come into focus here. An eternal winter is on the verge of burying the Crystal Empire in snow and Spike must compete in a game to prevent a rival burning his home to cinders.

The Crystalling, Part 2 - 4
Gauntlet of Fire - 9

Scary moments come from these episodes. We have a world where Equestria is at World War with King Sombra, and a maze on Nightmare Night sends Fluttershy’s friends running for their lives.

The Cutie Re-Mark, Part 1 - 10
Scare Master - 4

Twilight and Starlight feel out of place in these stories. Twilight feels left out when Discord suddenly is big part of her friends’ lives, and Starlight struggles to connect with her new life and an old friend.

What About Discord? - 2
The Crystalling, Part 1 - 12

Starlight Glimmer is redeemed in two different worlds. Twilight convince her to give friendship another try, while three familiar ghosts show her why she is and what will happen as a result.

The Cutie Re-Mark, Part 2 - 3
A Hearth's Warming Tail - 12

Moving on is hard do. Apple Bloom always crusaded and now isn’t sure what to do now that she has a cutie mark. Starlight and Trixie find a common bond knowing that some ponies can’t forget what they did in the past.

On Your Marks - 5
No Second Prances - 10

Rarity has her time to shine on occasion. Her second store in Canterlot has her and her friends on edge, while she has a Pinkie Pie moment while helping a Maud the perfect gift.

The Saddle Row Review - 6
The Gift of the Maud Pie - 8

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