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This is Poll 9 ladies and gentleman. This marks the end of the first section of the MLP:FIM Episodes Poll series. The last 16 episodes of Season 6 have another sibling of the Mane 6 introduced, Spike's first solo song, magic hung-over ponies, reformed villains vs. Changelings, and more.

The last round had the loss of Apple Bloom's journey of self-discovery, Starlight's backstory, and the return of Flutterbat among others. But maybe we'll see them again in the honorable mentions at the end of the series.

If there are questions you all may have about the upcoming rounds, feel free to ask in the comments down below. I will answer them whenever I get the chance.

This poll will close on February 5th at 11:00 PM (EST).

Pegasus ponies are introduced here with interesting results. Zephyr Breeze is a slacker that everyone has a love/hate relationship with and two Wonderbolt hopefuls are shipping fuel besides Mane 6 pairings.

Flutter Brutter - 7
Top Bolt - 10

The worst aspects of characters appear here. Rainbow Dash’s pranking is out hand so the town gives her a taste of her own medicine, and Starlight slips into old habits to finish her friendship lessons with disastrous results.

28 Pranks Later - 9
Every Little Thing She Does - 10

Thorax is the subject of these adventures. Spike befriends him and proves that a Changeling can change and then he shows his brother and sisters what happens when love is given and not taken.

The Times They Are a Changeling - 7
To Where and Back Again, Part 2 - 11

Applejack has so much happened to her in a short lifetime. She reluctantly helps the con-pony brother get back together and one lie nearly costs her brother a leg.

Viva Las Pegasus - 6
Where the Apple Lies - 11

Oh Rarity, the things that happen to you. If helping a restaurant gain recognition with isn’t enough, a boat trip with her and Applejack leads to mixed up stories and damp, seaweed covered dresses.

P.P.O.V. (Pony Point of View) - 1
Spice Up Your Life - 15

Discord went from bad guy to reluctant ally thanks to Fluttershy’s influence. He expands his circle of friends with an amazing game night with Spike and Big Mac and a band of former villains who rescue….the Mane 6?!

Dungeons & Discords - 13
To Where and Back Again, Part 1 - 7

The CMC’s escapades aren’t over despite getting their marks. Their sisters or idols steal their spot light in a derby race and then they meet a griffon who yearns for a cutie mark of her own.

The Cart Before the Ponies - 1
The Fault in Our Cutie Marks - 16

Nerds vs. Athletes in the sense of events presented. We have a Quidditch knockoff introduced to us, and then a typical fanboy/girl discussion of popular culture which….is like us.

Buckball Season - 8
Stranger Than Fan Fiction - 11

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