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Hello fellow Bronies and Pegasisters! Welcome to the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Poll Series. Like my previous polls, all of Seasons one through six will be voted by YOU to see which one is the best or simply your favorite.

After a long thought process, I've decided to keep the seasons in order, but the episodes will be shuffled. That is, the first 16 episodes from Season 1 will in this first poll but out of order and so on. I figured this would shake things up.

I can't say how many posts there will be, but I counted over twenty but under thirty while going through a draft stage. When the final ten episodes come into play, that's when the exact number of polls will come to light. For more information click here.

This poll will close on Monday January 16th at 11:00pm (EST). And now, let the voting commence.

Here we have the first meeting of Twilight Sparkle and her soon to be loyal friends along with the introduction of our favorite showpony with a severe case of self-absorption.

Friendship is Magic, Part 1 - 20
Boast Busters - 1

Twilight has two problems here. She attempts and fails hilariously to understand a Pinkie Pie trait while another issue has her trying to find a role in cleaning winter without magic.

Feeling Pinkie Keen - 8
Winter Wrap Up - 12

The Mane 6 travel into the Everfree Forest to chase down an evil enchantress and apparently a Zebra with rhymes that rival Dr. Seuss.

Bridle Gossip - 3
Friendship is Magic, Part 2 - 18

Two Apples get a proper introduction here. Applejack bites more she can chew while bucking and Apple Bloom attempts to get her cutie mark before a party to prevent embarrassment.

Applebuck Season - 6
Call of the Cutie - 13

Why does Twilight get herself into these messes? If trying rid the town off parasprites wasn't enough, trying to decide who to take to the Grand Galloping Gala is mind boggling.

Swarm of the Century - 4
The Ticket Master - 18

The earliest partnership episodes are nostalgic for anyone. Rainbow Dash and Pinkie are welcoming a very rude griffon while Applejack and Rarity's personalities clash at Twilight's slumber party.

Griffon the Brush off - 13
Look Before you Sleep - 7

Rainbow Dash has her first awesome moments competing against Applejack and training for a flight competition.

Fall Weather Friends - 12
Sonic Rainboom - 8

Fluttershy attempts to conquer her fears against a dragon while Rarity designs gowns until her friends are satisfied with the results.

Dragonshy - 8
Suited For Success - 12

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