It's the semi-finals of the Christmas Songs Losers poll series. We are very close to finding a third place winner to these polls. Here we have two soundtrack songs and two songs from A Hearth's Warming Tail. Each one is unique in their own way. The soloists for these tunes are MLP: FIM veterans; Ashleigh, Kazumi, Shannon and the newest member of the family, Kelly.

On a side note, please take the time to comment your thoughts on the poll series. One example can be my use of the pictures or how the rounds were set up. Your input helps me with ideas for the future.

The poll will close on December 10 at 11:00pm (EST).

Applejack and Rarity looking out of train window S2E11
Rainbow hits hockey puck S5E5

This is a clash of rock and pop. Rainbow Dash's rendition of a catchy sleigh tune against Rarity's version of a classic Christmas carol.

Deck the Halls - 2
Jingle Bells - 4

The Spirit of Hearth's Warming Presents standing in front of the town's water fountain S06E08
Snowfall sings "time to see, I can't delay" S06E08

A villain song mixed with the comic relief scene. Snowfall Frost (Starlight Glimmer) begins a spell to erase Hearth's Warming while a Spirit (Pinkie Pie) shows her wonders of a holiday she once loved.

Say Goodbye to the Holiday - 3
Pinkie's Present - 4