It's a Pony Kind of Christmas 2016 edition cover

Thanks to your dedication and opinions, I have decided to put up a spin-off Losers Poll in my MLP Christmas Songs Poll series. The choices come from the show and the album It's a Pony Kind of Christmas. These songs were knocked out of the previous rounds but have another chance to win third place here. Luna's Future and Days Gone By (Auld Lang Syne) are exempt as they reached the final round in the official poll.

How this series will work is that there will be five rounds instead. One of these rounds will be a revival round where an eliminated song from this round will get yet another chance for moving forward. After that round, the polls will continue on as it was in the original poll series. And now, let the voting commence.

These two songs are both intro songs to their respective materials in the MLP: FIM media whether it's on the show or a soundtrack.

It's a Pony Kind of Christmas - 2
Hearth's Warming Eve is Here Once Again - 5

Rarity and Pinkie Pie have spent a lot of time together this past season and had a unique chemistry. Both of their songs are quite catchy here.

Deck the Hall - 4
Twelve Days of Christmas - 3

Ashleigh Ball (Ranibow Dash) and Vincent Tong (Pop Fly) don't do anything slow in these songs. They rock out to the holiday season with there own musical numbers.

Jingle Bells - 6
Last Year I Got Coal for Christmas - 1

Fluttershy and Twilight Sparkle are favorite ponies of the lord of chaos, but only one of them could be more special to him than the other.

Silent Night - 4
We Wish You a Merry Christmas - 2

Applejack and Pinkie Pie portray Hearth's Warming Spirits with their lesson to teach on how the past and present are important in one's life.

Seeds of the Past - 4
Pinkie's Present - 3

Starlight Glimmer and Spike developed a friendship nearly similar to his and Twilight's. These songs showcase their respective personalities regardless of past or current states of mind.

Say Goodbye to the Holiday - 6
Jolly Ol' St. Nick - 3

These songs close their respective episodes. One is from the first holiday episode while the other is from the most recent episode.

The Heart Carol - 3
Hearth's Warming Eve is Here Once Again (Reprise) - 4

This poll will close on November 29th at 11:00pm (EST). Feel free to comment down below.