Happy Holidays everyone! It's time for Round 3 in this poll series. We lost some catchy tunes along the way, but we must press on. In these polls we have two Ashleigh Ball characters matched up and two versions of Starlight Glimmer. Just so everyone knows, there will be no more redemption rounds. It will just be these last three rounds. Now let the voting commence.

Ponies singing together S06E08
Rarity singing while sewing S6E8

Both of these songs have a common theme, decorating for the holidays. Rarity decorate the halls while an ensemble decorates a castle.

Hearth's Warming Eve is Here Once Again - 2
Deck the Halls - 3

Rainbow Dash "I totally want in!" S6E17
Snowfall hanging on to the Spirit of Hearth's Warming Past's lasso S06E08

Ashleigh Ball may bring these two to life but both are very different. Rainbow Dash wants to take her friends on a wild ride while Applejack plays a spirit to teach a grumpy pony a lesson.

Jingle Bells - 3
Seeds of the Past - 2

Fluttershy 'Clouds arranged 'til they're just so' S06E08
Spirit of HW Presents "will astound you" S6E8

Andrea Libman sings Fluttershy in a tender lullaby while Shannon Chan-Kent sings Pinkie Pie in a jazzy tune as a spirit whose random behavior matches her own.

Silent Night - 1
Pinkie's Present - 4

Snowfall looks at her cauldron S06E08
Mane Six, Starlight, and Spike singing together S6E8

Evil Starlight vs. Reformed Starlight. One sings about erasing the best day of the year while another embraces the holiday in a new light.

Say Goodbye to the Holiday - 3
Hearth's Warming Eve is Hear Once Again (Reprise) - 2

This poll will close on Monday December 6 at 11pm (EST). And, as always, feel free to comment down below.