Here we are friends. The final round of the MLP Christmas Songs Losers poll series to determine a third place winner for the first series. If your still new, here are the first and second place winners.

Yet to Come summons phantom ponies S06E08

Luna's Future - First Place Winner

AJ, Apple Bloom, and Big Mac point at Granny S6E23

Days Gone By - Second Place Winner

Now we have two contenders for the Third Place spot, Pinkie's Present and Jingle Bells. Both of these songs are solos by two of our favorite ponies. However, only one of these songs will earn third place. Now, a brief description of the songs before the voting commences.

Jingle Bells

Rainbow hits hockey puck S5E5

To put in short terms, Jingle Bells is an old song that was written in 1857 that became a standard in American and international cultures that celebrate Christmas. Many singers have covered the tune, apparently ponies too. Here, Daniel Ingram arranges the song for a rock style version by Ashleigh Ball's standards as well as matching Rainbow Dash's personality. In this version, Dash is eager to take Applejack, Rarity, and Pinkie Pie for the sleigh ride of a lifetime finishing it off with a sonic rainboom.

Pinkie's Present

The Spirit of Hearth's Warming Presents standing in front of the town's water fountain S06E08

In this original song from A Hearth's Warming Tail, Pinkie Pie portrays the Spirit of Hearth's Warming Present. She appears to Snowfall Frost (Starlight Glimmer) to show her what she is missing out on because of her own selfish desires. As the lyric, "The Present's always filled with present's" states, it is derived from an old saying of how today is a gift which is why it's called the "present." Everyday you wake up and enjoy life, the satisfaction is the gift you receive. In a way, the holidays ring true to the saying. Being with your loved ones, friends and family, and having a great time is the ultimate Christmas present of all.


Jingle Bells - 1
Pinkie's Present - 4 (Winner)

The poll closes on December 14th at 11:00pm (EST). Feel free to comment down below. Your opinion matters.