Welcome to Round 2 of 4 in the MLP Christmas Songs Poll. We lost a good amount of wonderful renditions, but we must forward. In this round, we have solos by Applejack, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, and others. Each one is an original made by our beloved composer, Daniel Ingram and others are ones he adapted and arranged from traditional "human" carols. Vote for what ever song you like most.

On a side note. For the semi-finals, feel free to write down the comment section on which pair of songs you would like to see put up against each other in that round and I take it into consideration when I put it together.

Both songs are original soundtrack numbers. One opens the album with the theme while the Apple Family gives us their rendition of an old Scottish folk song.

It's a Pony Kind of Christmas - 2
Days Gone By (Auld Lang Syne) - 4

Both Rainbow Dash and Pinkie are pranksters of their own rank. Our favorite Wonderbolt grabs her friends for a wild ride while the party planner helps spook a pony into changing their ways.

Jingle Bells - 3
Pinkie's Present - 4

Here we have two characters that don't seem to get their share of the spotlight where it is due. Fluttershy's rendition of a timeless classic against Spike's take on another.

Silent Night - 1
Jolly Ole' St. Nick - 3

Our last poll shows the princess of the night predicting a grim future while Starlight Glimmer leads a reprise of an opening number with her friends.

Luna's Future - 4
Hearth's Warming Eve is Here Once Again (Reprise) - 2

The poll will close on Tuesday November 15 at 11:00pm (EST). Once more, feel free to comment down below.