Sorry for the small delay, but Round 3 is up now. In the last round, we lost all of the ensemble numbers and some really good solo songs, but move on we must. Our semifinals concise of two soundtrack numbers and a two songs from the most recent holiday episode. And without further ado, let the game begin.

Here we have two Earth Ponies with that bring happiness in their own way. Applejack and family's rendition of a song of reminisce against Pinkie Pie's random surprises during the holidays.

Past spins out a lasso S06E08
Spirit of HW Presents on top of gift mountain S6E8

Days Gone By (Auld Lang Syne) - 5
Pinkie's Present - 4

Each of these two characters sing their first solo numbers with the MLP: FIM media right here. Spike's jazzy rendition of a classic against Luna's Evanescence-like warning of the future if magic is erased.

Spike narrating S2E11
Yet to Come summons phantom ponies S06E08

Jolly Ol' St. Nick - 3
Luna's Future - 6

These polls will close on Sunday, November 20 at 11:00pm (EST). The final round will begin immediately after.

Opinion poll

What do you guy think? Do want me to do a Losers Poll to find the third place winner for this game. or do want to end it with the final two songs? Your input will help will my decision to make another one or not.

Do you want a Loser poll to find a third place winner?

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