It's a Pony Kind of Christmas 2016 edition cover

The holidays are almost upon us, and I thought what better way to get into the spirit by listening to Christmas music. MLP has had it's fair share of holiday music released in various media. Let us compare them.

This blog series mixes songs from the show and It's a Pony Kind of Christmas. Even if you are unfamiliar with these tunes, I encourage you all to listen to them. They are catchy and just as beautiful or funny as the songs that are originally based off of some familiar holiday classics.

This series will be broken down into four parts. The last round will determine the favored song and the runner up. If the poll goes well, I might do a Loser's round to determine third place. But for now, I will keep it at four. And now, let's vote.

Our first poll is an ensemble comparison. The first MLP: FIM holiday themed tune to a merrily original soundtrack song.

The Heart Carol - 3
It's Pony Kind of Christmas - 6

Applejack is one of the Mane 6 who gets a song to herself. She is a spirit showing how one's past can shape you while, in another, she and her family reminisce on days gone by.

Seeds Of The Past - 4
Days Gone By (Auld Lang Syne) - 5

Rainbow Dash and Twilight are definitely opposites at odds when they come together. Rainbow Dash takes a classic rocks out in a horse open sleigh while Twilight organizes her schedule for the holidays.

Jingle Bells - 6
We Wish You a Merry Christmas - 2

Pinkie Pie just full of random surprises and her songs are a true testament to that. As a spirit, with some brass horns, she makes a point of what the holiday truly mean, and the other has her take a classic and throws in some Pinkie humor.

Pinkie's Present - 7
Twelve Days of Christmas - 3

Fluttershy and Rarity are both sweet ponies in their special ways. While Rarity sings about decorating her home while Fluttershy sings a gentle lullaby to whom ever is listening.

Deck the Halls - 4
Silent Night - 5

Pop Fly, while a mystery, rocks about the woes of being naughty while Spike scats to this classic standard of the holidays.

Last Year I Got Coal For Christmas - 1
Jolly Ole' St. Nicholas - 7

Both of these tunes are foreboding when it come to the Christmas spirit. Onw wants to erase Hearth's Warming while the other warns of the outcome of such a desire.

Say Goodbye to the Holiday - 5
Luna's Future - 6

Two versions of the same son. One opens an episode with the ponies ecstatic that the holidays have arrived. Another has a contribution from Starlight Glimmer with a change of heart.

Hearth's Warming Eve is Here Once Again - 5
Hearth's Warming Eve is Here Once Again (Reprise) - 6

The poll will close on midnight Thursday, November 10. Round 2 will begin shortly after. Feel free to comment down below.