And now here's Round 2 of the Minor Villains Poll Series. Here we have a boastful magician, an obnoxious dragon, a spoiled brat, a temperamental griffon, and more. However, only one villain is the one we have more attachment too.

After this round, there will be a redemption round that will last for two days and the series will start again. This will be the only one for this series.

This poll will close on July 17th at 11:00 PM (EST). As always, feel free to comment.

Trixie gives a touched half-smile S6E6
Pinkie Pie in tears "hugging now!" S5E8

These two learned how powerful and meaningful friendship could be through the most unlikely of ponies. A magician put her life on the line to prove her it while another chose to save her friend instead of choosing gold.

Trixie Lulamoon - 10
Gilda - 4

Diamond Tiara "oh wait, you don't have one" S01E12
Silver Spoon "Plus, she has wings" S4E15

These two fillies have seen the error of their ways, but there’s only that one we want more of. There’s a pony who is capable leader and then a pony who isn’t afraid to stand up to her friend when necessary.

Diamond Tiara - 8
Silver Spoon - 4

Babs coming out of the movie screen S3E04
Rainbow Dash tries reasoning 2 S3E07

In a short amount of time, these two ponies captured our attention. One’s sassy demeanor wants us see more to her story, while another is just has us begging for a redemption if not another appearance.

Babs Seed - 11
Lightning Dust - 2

Activating the machine S02E15
Spike Noogie S02E21

Opportunity is what these crooks and bullies look for. The Brothers Snowball search for money out of gullible ponies while one uses a tournament to gain the power to pillage and burn for whatever he wants.

Flim & Flam - 9
Garble - 3

Ahuizotl looks toward Rainbow Dash S4E04
Gladmane with a confident smirk S6E20

Enslavement is the goal of these figureheads. A cat creature is eager to use ancient relics to rule the world, and a pony uses deceit and mistrust to keep talented artists under his hoof.

Ahuizotl - 8
Gladmane - 5

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