Here is what some of like to call the quarter finals. Here we have a an illusionist, rich girl, a cat beast, a Bronx-style pony, a griffon, and two brothers competing for the top spot in this Minor Villains Poll Series. Some of these characters have been redeemed but some of there vices just prevent from completely becoming good. Sometimes, however, that's is why we love them.

This poll will close on July 22nd at 11:00 PM (EST). As Always feel free to comment.

Trixie gives a touched half-smile S6E6
Activating the machine S02E15

These ponies have redeemed themselves without fully changing who they are. Trixie is still self-absorbed at times while the Flim Flam brothers still take advantage of opportunity after taking down an equally greedy boss.

Trixie - 8
Flim & Flam - 4

Diamond Tiara "oh wait, you don't have one" S01E12
Ahuizotl looks toward Rainbow Dash S4E04

These baddies crave power but always had humiliating defeats in the end. A snooty filly’s attempts to put herself on a pedestal until the CMC bring her down while an adventurer foils this cat monster from using ancient magics to rule the world.

Diamond Tiara - 9
Ahuizotl - 2

Babs coming out of the movie screen S3E04
Pinkie Pie in tears "hugging now!" S5E8

Why is it that attitude is common trait amongst this group? A pony used this attitude to win over bullies for friends while a griffon used it to scare or intimidate others to stay away from our Dashie.

Babs Seed - 8
Gilda - 4

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