And are down to our final three. All of them fair well in development and the fanbase. These villain may not have been ultra powerful, they made some sort of impact on our Mane 6 or CMC that made their lives miserable or at the very least annoyed them.

As with the last series. This round will determine the Third Place winner here while the next and final poll will go up after this one. Now lets have a look at our final three.

This poll will close on July 25th at 11:00 PM (EST). As always, feel free to comment.


Trixie "no idea you felt that way" S7E2
This traveling magician first boasted of her fake feats of magic and then, when exposed, she sought revenge on Twilight and Ponyville by enslaving them with the Alicorn Amulet. Although she intended to prove she was the best, the amulet corrupted her and she lose her mind. After she removed the amulet, she returned to herself and apologized. However, it wasn't until she became friends with Starlight Glimmer that she realized that she wanted it. After she hurt her best friend, she was willing to put her life on the line in the hope that Starlight would forgive. Now, she helped save Equestria and is learning real magic with the help of her first real friend.

Diamond Tiara

Diamond Tiara singing on the school's front steps S5E18
At first Diamond Tiara came off as an over-privileged, spoiled brat who would belittle anyone without a cutie mark or whom she thought was beneath her, especially the Cutie Mark Crusaders. It wasn't until a class election and the loss of her only friend that we see more to her character. She was but a filly pressured into being what her mother wants her to be. This strained relationships and shunned her from real friends until the Crusaders help see that she can change and say no to what her mother wants and be the pony she wants to be, a strong leader with friends who care about her.

Babs Seed

Babs blushing S3E04
This victim of bullying in the big city came to Ponyville for a break until she met Diamond Tiara. Rather than be bullied again, Babs became an even worse bully for the Crusaders. Only after being saved from an accident does she realize what a mistake she had made. After becoming a Crusader, she headed the Manehatten branch of the club and eventually got her cutie mark in mane and tail cutting. despite her good fortune, most of the fandom can't help but wonder when and if we'll see another storyline with her soon.

Trixie - 3
Diamond Tiara - 4
Babs Seed - 5 (THIRD PLACE)

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