Hello fellow Wiki-Bronies, Dry63 here with some updates and a new poll series, a MLP Minor Villains Poll. We’ve seen plenty of competition between the major villains like Chrysalis, Discord, and Tirek, but now we’ll have a look at those villains that simply let their vice get the better them and caused problems for the Mane 6 or their friends. Some have reformed over the course of time, but some people just don’t know when to let go.

They came and went from a hot-tempered griffon to a spoiled brat, from a comic book villain to an arrogant manager, and from a boasting magician to a rude dragon. But only one of these characters left a greater impression on the fandom. These characters will only be from the TV show so no Shadowbolts or “evil versions” of ponies in Equestria Girls.

Also, give a special thanks to @RiceWaffleFox for suggesting this poll. This one will close on July 14 at 11:00 PM (EST).


As some of you may be aware, I’m in the stages of making a “Songs Poll” that will be posted after the release of the theatrical movie. The reasons behind this are the fact that Season 7 is still on its run as well as the two of the five songs this season have not been shown yet. We have no idea at this point when the next half will start airing. The second reason is if the film release date coincides with the season’s finale, I don’t want to leave out the new music from the new movie. Finally, the last reason is that some have requested the movie songs to be included.

Here's' what I can tell you thus far in the Songs Poll is this:

  • The series, Equestria Girls and Movie will be in this poll.
  • There will be a three-day gap between the polls to give more people time to choose
  • The poll won’t be released at least until a week after the movie’s release.

The Polls

Suri 'Would you mind...' S4E08
Trixie walking off the stage S1E06

Our first pair is two ponies wanting fame and achievement but with dirty ways of making those goals possible. There’s a magician who lied and boasted of her magical prowess while another copied a design from our favorite fashionista.

Trixie Lulamoon - 13
Suri Polomare - 1

Gilda thoroughly unamused S1E05
Wind Rider does not look happy S5E15

These two have a connection to Rainbow Dash in different ways. One is a griffon who was her friend until a bad encounter with her pony friends. The other was a Wonderbolt veteran threatened by her prowess and attempted to discredit her.

Gilda - 11
Wind Rider - 3

Diamond Tiara "oh wait, you don't have one" S01E12
Bullies want to hang out with Rainbow Dash S1E16

Bullies are always a commonplace in the world of growing up. A rich, stuck-up pony taunted our favorite crusaders for having no cutie marks while a group of Pegasi mocked our Dashie over her history of crashes all the way to adulthood.

Diamond Tiara - 12
Boy Bullies - 2

Diamond Dogs showing the "X" S1E19
Silver Spoon "Plus, she has wings" S4E15

Sometimes a villain or merely a story needs a foil at their side. A group of dogs want Rarity to find gem but wonder if she’s worth the trouble, and a pigtailed pony with glasses joined in with another equally snooty pony’s taunting of other ponies they thought were inferior.

Diamond Dogs - 6
Silver Spoon - 8

Activating the machine S02E15
Caballeron talks about his plan S4E04

Money and greed are the reason this pair do evil deeds. Two brothers finagle and con others into their scams to get reach while an archaeologist sells priceless artifacts to the highest bidder and confronts anyone who gets in his way

Flim & Flam - 11
Dr. Caballeron - 2

Iron Will muscles S02E19
Spike Noogie S02E21

Just because these two didn’t rub off in the good way doesn’t mean their species is small minded or cruel. A self-help instructor takes assertiveness too far, and a typical teenaged rebel bullies our favorite dragon for being friends with ponies.

Iron Will - 6
Garble - 7

Rainbow Dash tries reasoning 2 S3E07
Spoiled Rich yelling at Diamond Tiara S5E18

Sometimes well-meaning people do bad things thinking that it is for good reasons. A upcoming cadet shows her skills rather recklessly thinking that only being the best is how to make it, and a socialite’s prejudice toward others affects her child to the point where she becomes confused on what pony she wants to be.

Lightning Dust - 11
Spoiled Rich - 2

Ahuizotl looks toward Rainbow Dash S4E04
Mane-iac "thank you, Humdrum" S4E06

These may be book villains but they presented a real threat to the Mane 6. Daring Do certainly had her fair share of encounters with this cat monster, and an enchanted comic has a mad pony that posed a challenge for the reader to escape the book.

Ahuizotl - 8
Mane-iac - 5

Svengallop being conniving S5E24
Gladmane with a confident smirk S6E20

These ponies were once surround with glitz and glamor to cover their selfish behaviors. A manager shaped a true talent in his image and fed off her fame while a “friendship connoisseur” destroyed relationships to ensure his hotel’s success.

Svengallop - 2
Gladmane - 11

Zesty "anypony can throw ingredients together" S6E12
Babs coming out of the movie screen S3E04

These city ponies aren’t necessarily bad, but their home affect their negative habits. A food critic is convinced of her own judgement that she can’t see great food in a small but intimate restaurant while a bullied Apple became a bully to prevent more torment.

Zesty Gourmand - 2
Babs Seed - 11

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