First and only mentioned in The Cutie Map - Part 1 and Part 2, Mage Meadowbrook is said to have eight enchanted items of her own making. Starlight Glimmer falsified a ninth item that she called the "Staff of Sameness" in order to hide the fact she uses her magic to make Equalization happen.

Gathering what we know from MLP lore, Meadowbrook could've been around during or shortly after the time of Star Swirl the Bearded. But that's a different matter for another time.

One must wonder what her items are and what magical properties they might possess. I made some guesses based on what makes sense in Ewuestrian Magic and some pop culture references the crew would add if they decide to make this a future storyline. Here's ones that I thought of.

  • Compass - A compass that points to one's most precious desire.
  • Her Diary - Her diary contains her memories/experiences and it can show what happened in that part of her past. Just as long they ask the right questions.
  • Diadem - The wearer would be able to read the thoughts of another.
  • Cloak of Invisibility - Unlike magic invisibility, the cloak hides the wearer from detection from scent, sound, sight, and magic. They, in a sense, disappear from existence to the creatures around them.
  • Healing lamp - For a small appearance, it pours an infinite supply of a substance that heals any injury.
  • Cosmic Map - Contained in a small, silver ball; it navigates in the worlds and dimensions beyond Equestria.
  • Resurrection stone - More of a personal theory, but this item can bring back someone as a ghost for short amount of time. She meant for it as a way of closure for some ponies while some mistook it as something that could bring back the dead.
  • Artificial Element of Harmony - Since an element of empathy kinda exists, a theory I came up with is that Meadowbrook replicated the magic of the Elements of Harmony and placed it in a green gemstone. Very temperamental, it can only be used by one who has known darkness and came back into the light.

Well that's what I think the 8 enchanted items could be. Do you think differently? write your thoughts down below.