I saw this video on YouTube and just had to post it here. MsMojo, a spinoff channel from, created a Top 10 My Little Pony Characters video and posted it over a week ago.

For those who don't know. and MsMojo are websites that form Top 10s for almost anything you can think of. Soda brands, toys, and holidays are just a few topics they covered, but what they are know for is for covering pop culture and the entertainment industry. My Little Pony is now among their topics.

The show was briefly mentioned on their "Top 10 Shows That Adults Enjoy" at number 8.

A channel created with permission from WatchMojo called has their own Top 10 polls related to the show's media, merchandise, and fan labors. Check it out some time.

Here are the YouTube links.

By the way, Happy Holidays EveryPony!