I found out that Sia is going to be voicing a character in the My Little Pony movie coming out next year. She's great singer, but another "star" in the credits of the movie is giving me concern over the quality of the film.

Chenoweth, Blunt, and Schreiber being apart of the film were one thing but when more names like Michael Pena, Taye Diggs, and Uzo Aduba appear, it makes me afraid that the story will get lost in this showcase of stars.

I think about the original movie and think will their performances be enough to contribute to the story, or will they be cameos that will drag the movie and cause the audience to lose interest.

Now, I'm questioning the talents of the actors. I've seen movies, TV shows or listened to songs they're apart of and loved how they did it. I'm just not sure if Hasbro's decision to Hollywood-ize the show like this will make it perform better or worse for the box office and its reception. I want it to succeed and be the best it can be after all the acclaim the show has received.

Does anyone feel the same way, or I'm I just being silly?