Pinkie Pie surprise! S01E01

Another pony has done it. Pinkie Pie has made her one hundredth appearance with The Cutie Re-Mark - Part 2. She has been apart of many rebellions in this episode whether it was under Celestia's or Zecora's team.

This pony can be random at any time and it doesn't look like she's slowing down anytime soon.

Here are the tallies for the Mane 6's appearances. The bolded number on the far right is the total for this season.

  • Applejack - 106| 21
  • Twilight Sparkle - 105| 22
  • Pinkie Pie - 100| 19
  • Rainbow Dash - 99| 19
  • Rarity - 99| 19
  • Fluttershy - 94| 17
  • Spike - 92| 20

Other Notes

This Season has had a lot of excitement and surprises. Here's a few for things from this season I've noticed.

Fluttershy's decreased numbers

Fluttershy S4 opening theme with Discord
While doing this tally, I saw how much Fluttershy was not in this season. She made only seventeen appearances. She even made less than Spike who has twenty appearances this season, and he is usually the one with the least.

There could be many reasons why she wasn't around. Maybe the writers had not had any ideas other than her map episode and Scare Master. I want to say her popularity has dwindled but that can't the case due to Pony Arena. Whatever the case is, I'm sure she's not going anywhere. She's too cute.


This season has not one but three redemptions this time.

Gilda ID S5E08
This griffon bully was taught a lesson by Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie by accident during her visit to Ponyville with a rude behavior. After her true colors were shown, Rainbow Dash renounces their friendship. In The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone, we see that Rainbow's friendship really meant something to her and Pinkie encourages her to try again. After rescuing her friend from certain death, their friendship is renewed and Gilda is encouraged to spread what they have to her home to make it better instead of a dump.

Diamond Tiara ID S5E18

This bully tormented the Cutie Mark Crusaders for a long time, and it seemed to look like it wouldn't end. However, when Silver Spoon turned her back on her we see how that affects her. She wonders how she can be different so she came who she wants to be and not how her mother wants. The crusaders see this and decide to show her another way. When she is at a crossroads between a new life and being alone, she stands to her mother and earns new friends in the process.

Starlight looks out toward the barren landscape S5E26

Starlight Glimmer's backstory shows that she felt abandoned when her friend got a cutie mark and she didn't. This made her think that cutie marks cause nothing but trouble, and her equality village was her way of making sure she had friends at her level instead of giving them a chance be themselves with her. Twilight manages to reach her like with Sunset Shimmer and Starlight lets go of her insecurities and start over. Maybe with Mane 6's friendship guiding her, she can fix her mistakes and help Equestria.

Twilight, the Teacher

Some people wandered about this concept for some time, but it looks like it's confirmed. Twilight is a teacher of sorts to Starlight Glimmer. This does show some growth in her as a pony. When she became an alicorn, she graduated. When she got a castle, she found her place in the world. Now she appears to have enough experience to take a pony under her wing.

Sunset Shimmer technically counts, but Starlight Glimmer is the first pony on the show to learn about friendship from its princess.

Other Tallies

As for other tally lists for other characters, I'll concern myself with those after I'm finished with college. I graduate in a few weeks so there will be some time on my hands, but I won't have a schedule set in motion. I'll get to it when possible if anyone wants me to.

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