Hi guys. Wow, a week until Season 7 premieres and a teaser for the movie is released. Things are beginning to stir up in the fandom. So now I believe is the time to announce some updates regarding my poll series.

EG Songs Poll

I decided that I'm going to a songs poll related to the Equestria Girls franchise. I set up the series and it is ready to be posted, but the plan is to release it before the release of the specials in the summer. A release date of the specials may determine when it will be posted. If I hear nothing about the date, I will most likely post the polls in early to mid May.

It will include songs from the movies, shorts, soundtracks, as well as the deleted songs My Little Pony Friends and an early version of What More Is Out There. It should make the voting interesting.

Appearance Blogs

I'm not expecting any character to reach 100 appearances like last season, but I'm still going to continue with the characters wo are reaching their 50th appearance. As usual, the pony. dragon, or miscellaneous creature in question who is a main or recurring cast member will be the subject of interest. I don't really single out background characters unless there's an exception.

MLP/EG Songs Poll

This one is a bit more complicated. With the release of Season 7, the EG Specials, and the movie, I'm unsure of how I'm going to structure this poll series. I plan is to let the 5 songs in Season 7 and the songs from the EG specials be released so that they can be included. As for the movie's soundtrack, that depends on the other material's airdates. If they air way before October than more likely or not the songs from the movie will not be included.

The polls are to include songs from the show and the Equestria Girls franchise, but no soundtrack numbers or deleted songs. This may change over the passing months.

That's about it for now.