It's a double whammy today ladies and gentlecolts. Today, two of our main characters reached their one hundredth appearance with the Season 6 premiere.

Rainbow Dash laughing close-up S5E22
Rainbow Dash - This awesome athlete has peaked our interest since the day she fly into Twilight on her first day in Ponyville. She has shown how far loyalty can go can go and still makes us root for her whether she helps save Equestria or flies with the Wonderbolts.

Rarity opening theme
Rarity - This unicorn may have had a shaky start with us liking her, but her generosity has shown a different side of her. Using her sewing skills, charm and occasional karate moves, Rarity is able to calm a sad sea serpent, tame an out of control dragon and inspire another pony to not degrade herself by working such a crook.

These two ponies are an integral part of the Mane 6 and there's still much more for them to give this season and beyond.

So far the main characters appearances as of today are as follows.

  • Applejack - 108
  • Twilight Sparkle - 107
  • Pinkie Pie - 102
  • Rainbow Dash - 101
  • Rarity - 101
  • Fluttershy - 96
  • Spike - 94

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