Spike smiling at his friends S6E5
Today, our favorite dragon assistant has made his one hundredth appearance on My Little Pony like his friends before him. This lovable kid has not only taken notes or did chores for Twilight Sparkle but has lent a claw in saving Equestria such as burping up letters to Celestia to inspire her pupil when fighting Discord, helping Cadance save the Crystal Empire from King Sombra and recently helped forge a starting point for a dragon-pony alliance.

Although he deals with his selfish and greedy side, he has shown to be more in touch with Twilight than anyone else as he took a “small matter” seriously as his caretaker was slowly losing her mind. We will hopefully see more of this dragon among ponies grow and continue to be the lovable assistant that he is.

Tallies so Far

  • Applejack - 115
  • Twilight - 115
  • Rarity - 110
  • Pinkie - 109
  • Rainbow Dash - 108
  • Fluttershy - 102
  • Spike - 100

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Other Notes

The Main Cast has all reached their one hundredth appearance but now comes the next question; what about the other characters? I will be sure to keep an eye on the Secondary Characters for this marker.

As for the Background Characters and their one hundredth appearances, should they get to that point, I will try my best to keep up with and spot them. They probably won't be blogged as immediately as the secondary characters, but I feel they contribute just as much.

That's all for now. See you after the hiatus.