I decided to start more short story scenes. This one is based of the scene in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets where Harry meets Fawkes the phoenix. I thought about using Cadance or Twilight but Sunset seemed to fit better because of her comparing her reformation being like a phoenix.

If Sunset sounds not as cruel you'd expect, it's because I'm attempting to show a another side of her that has some decency. Here it goes.

(SUNSET SHIMMER is about to receive a book that PRINCESS CELESTIA claims will help will her with her studies. She escorted by TOP MARKS, a professor.)

Sunset: I think I can find by way around this place.
Top Marks: Her highness requested I do so. I can do nothing about it.
Sunset: (Aside) of course you can't.
Top Marks: You should consider yourself lucky. The Princess has rarely taken a student from the school under her wing. You might be here more often than in a classroom.

(They both arrive at the door.)

Top Marks: Princess Celestia will be with you shortly. (He leaves)
Sunset: I don't get what I need a book for. I like working with my hooves. (Sighs) But I guess first impressions come first. (Opens the door)

(SUNSET looks around the room. There is a large book shelf, a fireplace, and in the center of the room is a large pillow and scrolls.)

Sunset: Not bad I guess. I thought it would be bigger.
Philomena: Squawk
Sunset: Whoa! (Sunset looks at the featherless, sickly bird in disgust) Not even a worthy pet. I actually feel sorry for you.

(A feather falls off the bird and, in a flash, bursts into flame leaving behind a pile of ashes.)

Sunset: (Panicking) Oh no! What do I do? What do I tell her?
Celestia: Tell me what?
Sunset: P-P-Princess? I-I'm sorry. There was nothing I could. She just caught fire.
Celestia: About time too. She's been looking dreadful for weeks.
Sunset: I know she was quite beautiful but sh- Wait? What?
Celestia: It's a pity you had to meet her on day like this.
Sunset: I'm confused.
Celestia: Philomena is a phoenix Sunset Shimmer. They burst into flame when they shed all off it's feathers and then they reborn from their ashes.

(SUNSET looks at the pile in anticipation.)

Sunset: Nothing's happening?
Celestia: (Glancing at the pile) Quit fooling around.

(The ash forms into a magnificent red, orange, and yellow bird.)

Sunset: She's beautiful.
Celestia: If not a bit mischievous. Phoenixes are fascinating creatures. They're strong enough to carry ponies from mountain to mountain. And use fire as a weapon. But only if provoked.

(Philomena flies back to her cage.)

Celestia: I suppose you you're just here for the book?
Sunset: Yes, but I still don't understand why I need it.
Celestia: (Using her magic, CELESTIA pulls out two books)Sunset, levitate the one my left.
Sunset: Alright.

(As SUNSET'S beam merges with CELESTIA'S, each of the books is embedded with their respective cutie marks. The one with SUNSET'S cutie mark levitates toward her.)

Celestia: That should do it.
Sunset: What do just do?
Celestia: The spell we cast created a connection between these two journals. Whenever one of us writes something in our journals, it will appear in the other. This way, you and I can still remain in touch when I'm not here to supervise your lessons. I'll demonstrate before you turn in for the evening.
Sunset: Why not now?
Celestia: Well, that would defeat the purpose now wouldn't it? You may go if you wish.
Sunset: I really don't have much of a home to go to
Celestia: There's nothing else you need to learn today.
Sunset: So that's it? Nothing else?
Celestia: This is only the beginning, consider this your first lesson.
Sunset: In what?
Celestia: Just getting to know you better.

(There's a knock at the door.)

Sentry: Princess, the delegates from Trottingham have arrived.
Celestia: I'll be along.
Sunset: (Very sullen) I guess I'll go to my room then.
Celestia: Sunset, are you sure there's nothing you wish to tell me?
Sunset No mame, nothing.
Celestia: (Pause) Very well then. Off you.
Sunset: Goodbye Princess.

(Later that night SUNSET is in her room with brushing her mane at her vanity pondering her day.)

Sunset: This no different from home. No pony asking about you or noticing you. She'll be just like every other teacher. So many other things to do but not with me. (Sighs) But she asked if I wanted to talk with her. No pony every wanted me to talk let alone ask if I wanted to. Maybe she cares. Actually care.

(SUNSET'S book starts to vibrate.)

Sunset: What does that mean?

(She opens the book and finds a message.)

Dear Sunset,

If you're reading this, then the spell has worked. It takes a very skilled unicorn to create journals like these. I hope to help you harness more these skills during our time together.

Sunset, I know that your home life is not perfect. Your family is very distant from each other and that make you feel like you can't talk to anypony. I understand how lonely that can be. You've spent most your life searching for something to give you worth and ease the pain. I'm not saying this life will be any better, but if you ever need to confide in me I'm here. Think of this experience like a phoenix. A creature who rises out of the ashes of disaster and renews her life with new strength and a purified soul. Philomena didn't look special at first to your eyes at first, but once she regained herself you saw the beauty in her. Just as I do with you. --Celestia

(Sunset lightly smiles and levitates a quill and writes.)

Sunset: Thank you.