This Season had its share of moments. Two of the Mane 6 making their one hundredth appearance at the same time, Our favorite dragon having epic episodes, and a surprisingly well developed former villain.

Here are the current tallies appearances by the main cast.

Applejack: Season 6= 21 - All Together= 127
Twilight Sparkle: Season 6= 21 - All Together= 126
Rainbow Dash: Season 6= 20 - All Together= 119
Rarity: Season 6= 20 - All Together= 119
Pinkie Pie: Season 6= 18 - All Together= 118
Fluttershy: Season= 16 - All Together= 110
Spike: Season 6= 16 - All Together= 108

Other News

More ponies with fewer appearances

Wow! It's not just Fluttershy; even more ponies have made their least amount of appearances this Season. Spike and Pinkie have hit their least amount of appearances do date aside from her. Technically Twilight did too, but she's still over twenty episodes. In my first end of Season blog, I noted that this is most likely due to the writers not having any more ideas for certain character. However, here it seems to be that the writers not just not using them if they're not needed.

Other the other hoof, one pony has made more appearances than she normally does, Derpy. Since Season 4, She has only mad nine appearances per season. However, she breaks that boundary with eleven. Maybe we'll start seeing more of her again.

Twilight being downplayed

I know I've left a lot of comments about this, but honestly it's true. The original protagonist is not as prominent here as she was before. Taking on the teacher role has taken her out of her usual spotlight in order for Starlight Glimmer to develop. I'm not sure if I'm ok with this. The fact that Twilight was among the kidnapped ponies in the finale seemed to be borderline degrading of her character. Normally the premiere and finale are Twilight centered. However, this premiere made her a subplot and the finale turned her powerless.

Now I'm not saying Starlight was bad influence. She's one of the best characters to be created in the show. However, Twilight might pushed too far away which in her own episodes not being as good or little to no solo episodes. It makes me feel like Starlight is replacing Twilight in everything. If Starlight was in a spinoff series, I wouldn't worry so much.

I might be worrying over nothing, but Twilight is still my favorite character and I feel bad when she's treated poorly by the writers.

In Closing

Despite some things gone a miss, this Season was one of the better ones with a finale that rivals Twilight's Kingdom. I will post the secondary and background character's tallies soon. If you want to see more of my blogs, go to my profile page and click "Appearance Blogs."

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