I have a few rough ideas why were waiting two weeks for a new episode to come out and so on.

If that list of leaked episodes is true, the company may be waiting to air certain episodes on certain dates of the year.

For example, we are suppose to have an episode surrounding around Hearth's Warming Eve again. They might be waiting until it gets closer to the holidays to air that episode, or they may do a "Christmas in July" thing or something.

Also, the fact that Hasbro is restricted to the morning to late afternoon portion of Discovery Family, Hasbro has only a small window to air anything related to My Little Pony (Equestria Girls and G3 movies). They must trying to do all they can to give those movies their own air time like the rest of their material.

Another theory I thought of was the company not keeping us waiting any longer for another season. I mean we waited almost a year for Season 5 because of production and business discussions on Hasbro's further investment on the channel that is now Discovery Family. These 1-3 week breaks could be their way of not making us wait forever for the next season.

For now, those are the most logical theories that I can think of. This show is no stranger to hiatus'. If one looked at the previous seasons, they would see these similar breaks. Season 4 had only one break between Testing Testing 1, 2, 3 and Trade Ya!, so it felt like a continuous stream of episodes.

What do you all think? leave your response in the comment section.