Twilight Sparkle hoplite costume ID S5E21
It's official. Today was Twilight Sparkle's one hundredth appearance on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. She came to Ponyville, although reluctantly at first, and made friends that helped her defeat evil beings that threatened Equestria and helped her to discover more about herself.

She eventually became a princess in her own right and spreads friendship across her home. With more adventures to come, we'll still see her solve problems up to the end.

Applejack had already reached her one hundredth appearance two weeks ago. See my blog about it.

So far the main characters appearances as of today are as follows.

  • Applejack - 102
  • Twilight Sparkle - 100
  • Pinkie Pie - 96
  • Rainbow Dash - 95
  • Rarity - 95
  • Fluttershy - 89
  • Spike - 87

Some of them still have a chance to make it to one hundred this season, but we'll just have wait and see.

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