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  • Dsin01

    2016 Pony SFM renders

    March 25, 2016 by Dsin01

    New renders coming every soon!

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  • Dsin01

    MLP renders in SFM

    June 25, 2015 by Dsin01

    this is the 3rd blog post where i take request and post stuff i make. First one was drawings...then it was blender SFM. like always i seem to (even if i said it or not) take why not say i will take request now. (if you want me to make somthing in SFM just ask But uh...please keep in mind... im not a pro at SFM...yet.

    Whats sfm?

    SFM is a Movie maker on steam. (steam is a place where you can buy many many games for PC.)  SFM is free but... SFM is a EVERY big program.....anyway SFM is used for a lot i say...odd...things.. some every weird stuff... that makes no sense....

    Stuff i used

    Just like blender the rigs/models i used are not mine... they are made by other people...those people are every awesome peo…

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  • Dsin01

    MLP blender renders

    June 4, 2015 by Dsin01

    i like playing with rigs in blender.always fun to do...this page shows my blender renders with MLP in them....some do have FNaF in them too....he..he...

    all rigs credits go to the maker of these highly epic rigs. most of the mlp rigs are made by create CreatorOfPony who made EG and more. as for fnaf rigs...they are made by many others....thekillerbutter.....some guy with fox in the name i dont remember. this is for the rigs that says i need to give them credit and bla bla bla....any way.. this post has some....big pictures...

    the reson i use rigs is cause im not good at rigging or modeling on blender...ok...well...i dont know how to... i know 0% of how to rig and model...and even if i did..they would look pretty bad.... so i use rigs. there …

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  • Dsin01

    MLP drawings

    May 18, 2015 by Dsin01

    I am  bored so i am going make some MLP drawings and post them here using imgur links.

    I am working on them now. Soooooooooo....


    My first other than OC one. and my last one tonight.

    Rainbow Dash 

    Pinkie Pie

    (this is the best one i think. it turned out better than i thought.)


    (that tiny little thingy next to the drawing was part of a picture i was using to get the colors.)

    Twilight Sparkle


    (out of the drawings i done...rarity has to be the hardest..cause  of resons.  but i couldnt beleve how well it ended up!)


    (spike went fast!)

    Apple Bloom

    Sweetie belle

    (my last one for today. gota take a break :P)




    Bon Bon


    Babs seed

    Button Mash

    i'll do more later on. You can request an OC or anyone i havent drawed ye…

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  • Dsin01


    May 14, 2015 by Dsin01

    Hi. I'm dsin01. You may have seen me on other wikis mostly FNaF. I joined about few weeks ago. I been on chat a lot. Most know me by Jay legoninjago or Tatooineman. I'm every good at mine imator and learning blender...geting good at that too. I find making 3d pictures using anything or making a movie every fun! One of my favorite things I made on blender so far was a Star Wars battlefront first person remake from the Death Star. If things don't work or mess up...I do get anrgy....a lot angry. I try to be funny as much and almost always as I you might always see me do a joke. I love tacos. And when I say love...I LOVE tacos! taco song. I was a playing of cwa (Star Wars the clone wars adventures online.) until it closed March…

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