Hi. I'm dsin01. You may have seen me on other wikis mostly FNaF. I joined about few weeks ago. I been on chat a lot. Most know me by Jay legoninjago or Tatooineman. I'm every good at mine imator and learning blender...geting good at that too. I find making 3d pictures using anything or making a movie every fun! One of my favorite things I made on blender so far was a Star Wars battlefront first person remake from the Death Star. If things don't work or mess up...I do get anrgy....a lot angry. I try to be funny as much and almost always as I you might always see me do a joke. I love tacos. And when I say love...I LOVE tacos! taco song. I was a playing of cwa (Star Wars the clone wars adventures online.) until it closed March 31st 2014. Made many unforgettable members on there...along with some best friends.....I mostly explained all this on my page. I like using some mlp rigs in blender as seen on my page but only can get the eg rainbow dash rig cause the others are some 7z file. Anyway here's the blender I made The 2nd one is when I first learned how to make reflections. Using the. Clone and droid rigs [[1]] [[2]]