this is the 3rd blog post where i take request and post stuff i make. First one was drawings...then it was blender SFM. like always i seem to (even if i said it or not) take why not say i will take request now. (if you want me to make somthing in SFM just ask But uh...please keep in mind... im not a pro at SFM...yet.

Whats sfm?

SFM is a Movie maker on steam. (steam is a place where you can buy many many games for PC.)  SFM is free but... SFM is a EVERY big program.....anyway SFM is used for a lot i say...odd...things.. some every weird stuff... that makes no sense....

Stuff i used

Just like blender the rigs/models i used are not mine... they are made by other people...those people are every awesome people for making some awesome models. so this is a list of stuff i used so far:

  1. Freddy Fazbear Pizza
  2. pony overhual rigs (it was a thing with tons of pony rigs.)
  3. EG rigs
  4. Five Nights at freddy's rigs (bonnie,freddy,foxy,endoskeleton)
  5. FNaE rigs...there really cool looking :P

(most of these has to do with FNaF why? cause in SFM you have to load these maps. i dont got no good good MLP map...yet anyway so until i do most pictures i make will take place at freddy fazbear pizza or fazbear frights or somewhere.

Stuff i made (not requested)

2 ponies got into FFP... i uh dont think she should be touching that..


I thought foxy was out of order.. 0.0 (this was fun to make ;P)


they found a odd pony shaped robot mask... next to a knife...i wounder that means. (i just randomly made this)


this other one i used the EG rigs... This was my first time using this map sense the texture errors. sooo the light in the office......failed me. 

Pinkie is standing outside waving to fluttershy while...freddy stocks her from behind :o


its someones first day on the job...oh uh....i dont think she should have friends over..... 0.0


This i just kinda wanted to put the new stuff i was downloading on stage..i downloaded alot of new ponies (some are not on here.)


I made these randomly. i edited to pictures together :p


this one turned out every well...


Ok. The day i made this i had a weird dream. it had minecraft...and sweetie belle in the same thing. soo i made this for no reson.



i just put stuff i liked together in one and i got this... it looks awesome :P

(most of them are star wars...i just got those rigs when i made this soo i wanted to test them out.)


lots more soon

Videos (i am also taking request for videos :P)

i am making some short videos in SFM  and posting them on my youtube.  this is a short one...5 secs... (SFM rendering gose WAY faster than blenders...this would have taken at lest 3ish hours in blender but took about 5ish minis in SFM.  of course lighting isnt as good but its still good...but making videos in SFM takes longer cause theres a little more you got to do to get things to work right...but its every easy

i tryed to make it a gif but it didnt work so i have to post the video link here (i made the video myself and theres no aduio)

Pinkie has the new nightshift at Freddy Fazbear Pizza...but...uh.. something happened with freddy and his gang so they used a group of ponies robots instead...they shouldnt try to.....hurt...people...right? 

video link:

(note:the 2 other ponie robots are there just to be statues. they didnt move once....

Requested stuff

someone asked me to make this.....they didnt have anything on  where or what they wanted me to make...sooo ta da