Seriously I even don't know why I am writing this one. I myself think that the girls who really grew on the '80s and '90s were actually the first pony fans since My Little Pony first came, and they all know about them in their childhood, that's until when Friendship is Magic came.

Then we guys started to like the show and soon.....we dominated the whole My Little Pony fanbase. I do say this was pretty good and Hasbro is recognizing us, but do you think we bronies were being racist against old generation fans? As in this: I see a lot of comments in some Older generation pictures and vids saying "No!", "Kill it with friendship" or "Kill it with fire!". Feels good for us bronies to ridicule the old gens, but it feels bad for the older fans to be ridiculed because its not FiM.

I understand that Faust changed MLP for the better, but that doesn't mean the old gens should be kicked and insulted like a poor helpless kitten on the street. It's not right and it can be hurtful to them. If you seriously hated Gen 1-3.5 like a passion, just keep it to ourselves, not shove it to the old fan's throats that we hate it.

These insults need to stop. The ridiculing needs to stop. Or the Generational Wars will broke out! Think of the ponies and kitties!