So New York Comic Con officially kicks off in only a few hours. My brother and I are gonna be there, as some of you may know. Unfortunately, we can only be there on the Thursday date, which was the only date available to us at the time. If you happen to be there and want to meet us, we will be the two guys walking around the convention with these shirts on:

If anyone is interested in buying tickets, I believe they still have Thursday tickets left on their website. Otherwise, we'll just have to wait until a later convention rolls around for us to meet you guys.

As far as pony-related stuff goes, there are going to be a few booths scattered around the convention that sell MLP-related merchandise. Some of the stuff is going to be exclusive to NYCC, so if you care about collectibles and that kind of thing, you could check some of that out. Some people who write the IDW comics will be there, as well as booths for WeLoveFine with their pony-related clothing and Enterplay with their collectibles. So if you're going, there will be stuff for you pony fans out there. Nothing too big this year, unfortunately. No Season 4 info, no writers/voice actor panels, just some small stuff.

So feel free to tell me if you are going, if you've been before, or if you plan to go sometime in the future. And if you do in fact happen to be attending NYCC, we could work out some plan to meet up. And I will try to report our experiences if anyone is interested. Hope to see some of you there, but if not, maybe next year then. Or some other convention. Or something.