I've noticed something recently. Something weird. It's some stupid but kinda interesting headcanon I came up with.

The voice actor for Sweetie Belle is Claire Corlett. Her father, Ian James Corlett, did some voice work as the character known as Goku in the original Ocean dub of Dragon Ball Z. In the show, Goku can achieve a level of power known as a Super Saiyan. Does this mean that Sweetie Belle, her voice actor being a descendant of Goku's voice actor, is also part Saiyan? And does this mean that she too can go to Super Saiyan levels? Probably not, but admit it, it's kinda interesting if you think about it.

Now for my request: I want someone to draw a Super Saiyan Sweetie Belle. Because it would look awesome. Plus, it might get this stupid headcanon that I've had bottled up out of my brain once and for all.

(...dang, I'm crazy. What's wrong with me? :P)