Yeah, this is pretty random, but hey, I gotta give you guys something while you're waiting for my next review. Honestly, I should stop stalling and get to a review already, but something I saw on Equestria Daily (don't judge me for going there) caught my interest. Now I'm not going to directly copy the topic, but I will change it up a little. You all know what zombies are, and although they aren't real, a popular topic in everyday culture is to speculate about the possibility of an outbreak. So what would happen if one happened right in the fair land of Equestria? My question to you guys is:

"If there was a zombie apocalypse in Equestria, and the Mane Six (plus Spike, because he's a major character, so why not) were the only remaining survivors, who would go down and in what order would they become zombified? How long would the ponies (and dragon) last against a seemingly infinite horde of zombie ponies? Would any be immune to the zombie virus? Any other notes you would like to add?"

The main thing I want to see is the list of who would be infected, and in which order. So I'll give you my list to get you guys started.


1st down: Spike. Honestly, Spike doesn't seem much like a fighter to me, and come on, we've seen how defenseless he can actually be in multiple situations in the show. His fire breath isn't very powerful, and we almost never see him using his claws for much. In a zombie apocalypse, you would want to be as far away from the zombies as possible, and the only way Spike could do much to a zombie is if he was at point-blank range. However, he could potentially act as support for his pony friends, using his wits and intelligence to help them progress for a while as long as he's around.

2nd down: Rarity. Although she is a unicorn, a species of pony known for using magic to solve various problems, she has rarely, if ever, used her magic to do harm to anyone, even a villain. The only time she could do physical damage to a zombie is if she used her somewhat vast skills in martial arts. Which, as I stated before, isn't the best thing to do against zombies. So, yeah, she's kinda useless in battle. But, as I said before with Spike, she also seems to possess a skill for making quick decisions, and could act as an assistant for her friends. But the moment she tries combat, she's a goner.

3rd down: Pinkie Pie. Pinkie is quite unstable, as we've seen a few times in the past. Pinkie, in my opinion, is a character who isn't much of a fighter, but her strange abilities to break the fourth wall would allow her to delay her fate quite a bit longer than the two aforementioned characters. But with her unstable attitude, she would begin losing hope and faith in their cause. This would then allow the zombies to better target her, and eventually lead to her infection.

4th down: Fluttershy. As much as I would want her to survive longer, this would be the point where she gets overrun by the hordes of zombies. She has the least fighting capabilities of any of the final seven, but her ability to escape danger would help her tremendously. This would not only help her survive longer, but also draw attention to the zombies, allowing the other three survivors to pick them off. Eventually, though, as the swarms grow immensely larger, she would get cornered, and, too scared to fly out of danger, would become surrounded, and join the zombie crowds herself.

5th down: Rainbow Dash. Agile, fast, and a decent fighter, she can help her friends progress quite far. After the first four go down, she would help her other two remaining friends to continue onward for a long time. With her weather manipulation abilities, she could literally "blow away" the swarms. But with time comes zombies beginning to evolve. Pegasi who have previously been infected would start to use their wings to fly, and unicorns could figure out basic spells, such as short-burst teleportation or levitation spells. Rainbow Dash would be hunted down by the new flying zombies, and, eager to take on a challenge, would rush into the swarms head-first. But soon she will realize that with her excellent evasion and ranged tactics comes a somewhat fragile stature, and she would go down quickly against even a medium-sized group of zombies.

6th down: Twilight Sparkle. If we are counting her as only a unicorn, then she might go down before Rainbow Dash. But for the sake of this list, I'll use her current alicorn form. Twilight Sparkle would excel in both support and offensive magic, which is quite accurate at any range. She could pick off zombies from a distance or clear a crowd before they get too close. She would help throughout the zombie outbreak, and would be useful in almost every situation. Although she is powerful, she has limits. She can't escape danger as easily, even with her wings, because she has clearly shown signs of not being able to fly quite well. (Forget that final scene in MMC, that was just her being overly excited and suddenly gaining a boost of power from the adrenaline of the situation.) If she did get cornered, she could use magic to hold them off, but by that point, there would be unicorn ponies who could support the more offensive ponies, and, not being able to take on all of this at once, would have her powers pushed to the limit, draining her of all magic abilities, and weakening her to a point where she would crack under all the strain, allowing the zombies an open shot at her.

Last down: Applejack. Being an athletic pony, she has excellent physical traits. She has shown herself to be one of the most agile, light-hoofed, and quick-witted pony of the group. Her speed and evasion would give her quite the edge over her friends, allowing her to tempt fate for a very long time. She has shown a vast amount of stamina, which would cause her to keep dodging the zombies constantly without much need for rest. Although she does have limits, they are quite difficult to reach, and she can be pushed past her maximum if needed. If she does happen to get cornered, she can use a combination of her quick thinking and her brute force to turn the situation in her favor. Another factor to her surviving so long: even if she does get attacked at close quarters, she would be the most resistant to the zombie virus. As we all know, she works in the fields almost 24/7. She would likely have picked up a number of illnesses from the outside, and as a result, she would grow resistance to the illness. Therefore, her immune system is heavily fortified, meaning that even something seemingly as lethal as a zombie scratch would turn out to be a mild inconvenience for her. Whereas one normal pony could be instantly downed with one scratch, she might take five or six before finally succumbing to the virus. She is a fighter until the end, and will last the outbreak the longest, in my opinion at least.


So what do you guys say about this list? Do you agree? Disagree? Any thoughts? I'd like to hear what you guys think about this topic. So for now, this is all I have to say. Until next time!