Actually, I was an anon for about a month beforehand, but on January 19, 2013, I made an account here and officially became who I am today on this fair little wiki. It's been a freaking awesome year, and I couldn't think of any better way than to thank those who were my closest friends over the past 12 months!

Filly, ever since I met you on the wiki, I had always thought you were freakin' awesome. Everything about you is just awesome. I have had many great moments with you and looked up to you as one of my best friends here. Keep being awesome, Filly. I'm looking forward to yet another year of awesomeness!

DT, even though I don't see you around here much anymore, I still feel like you were one of the main reasons I am who I am here on the wiki today. We both came about on the wiki around the same time, starting off as anons who always voiced our opinions on the show, and pretty much popularized the comments section of every episode as a result. Now I don't normally take my opinions to the comments section anymore, rather I just make blog posts with my opinion. But you pretty much inspired me to make my analysis blogs of the episodes in the first place. You and Filly Please will continue to stick out in my head for being those two guys who loved Spike and loved to talk endlessly about the show.

Pony and Sarah, you two have been some of the friendliest people to me on the wiki. Pony, ever since day 1 on the chat, I immediately grew to like you. You're just so funny and awesome, and we both have similar interests and attitudes. Same goes for you Sarah, but even though it took time for me to get to know you, you quickly made an impression on me and now I just really enjoy the times I spend on the chat when you're around. You're both entertaining as heck and I never want to see you two change.

Jorge, you always take that time out of your life to PM me whenever I come into chat. Ever since you came into the chat halfway through the year, I noticed something special about you. It didn't take long before you started to fit right in with us, and you have been an awesome person for the entire second half of the year. Keep being awesome in 2014.

Haed, what's not to like about you? You're funny, you're awesome, and you're a great friend. We share a lot of interests, and we've had great moments on the chat. Every time you're on chat, I get in a much better mood. You're a great man, Haed. I wanna see you stay that way.

Fishy and H4M, you're both wonderful admins. Fishy, you've got yourself a great sense of humor. The jokes you make and your jubilant attitude make you a great person. H4M, you're awesome too. Between making the signatures for me and those two gifs of Fluttershy and Coco Pommel crashing through my name, everything you do for me just makes me really happy. I can't thank you two enough for making me enjoy the time I have spent on this wiki so far. Hopefully this is enough of a repayment for the joy you give me.

Doovz, this. Nuff said.

ToskiHero, for being my brother and having been willing to get you into the show and the wiki in the first place.

FlutterBot, because reasons.

If I missed anyone, don't feel bad, I'm just thinking off the top of my head here. These were only some of the closest friends of mine for the year, but if you slipped my mind, I'm really sorry. I love all of you guys, and thanks for making 2013 a freakin' awesome year for me! Here's to 2014 and beyond!

(Also, the more I think about it, the more this sounds like a going away blog. On the contrary, I won't leave you guys anytime soon! Don't you worry a bit about me!)