Here's another birthday game I made! The rules should be fairly obvious, but in case they're not: take the month and the day of your birthday and get the scenario that comes out! In this case, the month is for the class that you're in and the day is for the pony that sits next to you! Good luck!


(putting the list here in case you can't read the picture)

Jan: Algebra

Feb: Chemistry

Mar: Lunch

Apr: English

May: Computer Sciences

Jun: Physics

Jul: Gym Class

Aug: Foreign Language

Sep: Anatomy

Oct: Calculus

Nov: History

Dec: Geometry

  1. Lyra
  2. Diamond Tiara
  3. Scootaloo
  4. Spitfire
  5. Discord
  6. Sombra
  7. Fluttershy
  8. Derpy Hooves
  9. Flam
  10. Flash Sentry
  11. Shining Armor
  12. Trixie
  13. Lord Tirek
  14. Coco Pommel
  15. Flim
  16. Spike
  17. Rainbow Dash
  18. Sweetie Belle
  19. Twilight Sparkle
  20. Silver Spoon
  21. Babs Seed
  22. Zecora
  23. Apple Bloom
  24. Doctor Whooves
  25. Big McIntosh
  26. Applejack
  27. Cadance
  28. Rarity
  29. Pinkie Pie
  30. Maud Pie
  31. Sunset Shimmer