You know what guys? I'm just gonna say this now: if I make a deadline for my reviews in the future, please do not take it literally. Most of the time, something will keep me from meeting the deadline, and I don't like to disappoint you guys, but if you all fell like I've been lying to you about my reviews, well, I'm sorry if you feel that way. I don't mean to neglect my reviews, not at all. But if I keep saying that I'm going to make a new review, then it will inevitably keep getting pushed back. On the topic of my reviews, however, I will say that I'm going to put the requests aside for now and review an episode that I pick by myself for once. After that, I will go back to my requested episodes list, and I will continue from there.

In other news, so that I can actually give you guys something to look at, I have something new. Some of you may know about "ninjas" on the chat. Basically, "ninjaing" is saying something a split second before someone else types it. One day, way back when, I decided to turn it into a bigger thing. Since I became known on the chat for a little while as one of the "ninjas," I began to notice how much I actually ninja'd people on the chat. I came up with an idea that, since I was an experienced ninja of the chat, if anyone managed to ninja me, the "master ninja," they would become part of a group called the "Chat Ninja Clan" and turn into a "chat ninja" themselves. Recently, one of the more prominent ninjas of the chat, Filly Please, came up with another idea to promote the "ninjas" a little more. He proposed to add a ranking system for each of the ninjas in the clan. So I decided to create that ranking system in a blog post. So here it is: the ranks that you wanted to see!

(Work in progress: check back often to see if you were added, if you ranked up, etc. If you ninja'd someone,and I was not aware, tell me here or on the chat, but I will only accept pictures as proof or the second person's agreement. If you have not been ranked up or added to the list, please tell me so that I can fix the ranks.)


Chat Ninja Clan Ranks:

Leader Ninja / Co-leader Ninjas Group

Field Marshal Ninja: EHAN

General Ninja(s): Filly Please

Brigadier Ninja(s): DASHDOT™

Chief Ninjas Group

Colonel Ninja(s): The Toxic, Roadside PicnicJorge Esquivel

Commander Ninja(s): Haedman , HystericaldominolegoAphelion112

Lieutenant Colonel Ninja(s): Pinkielover123Pony and meatball sub

Fledgling Ninjas Group

Major Ninja(s): UglyTurtle

Captain Ninja(s): Mistmane, ShadowLurker343

Warrant Officer Ninja(s): OddThomasguy, DeRpXLogiic


Anyone can join in on this clan, nobody is excluded! All you gotta do to be accepted is ninja someone, and if I confirm it, you will be added to the ranks! Every time you ninja someone, you get a promotion, and if you ninja me, you might even get a double promotion for your efforts! So good luck, everyone, and may the ninja be within you! 

(By the way this is based off of the Halo: Reach ranks, this doesn't necessarily reflect real-life military ranks.)