Ramble Reviews coming soon00:12

Ramble Reviews coming soon

Since it takes us a ridiculous amount of time to actually get around to making video reviews, we've decided to split the reviews apart. My brother and I will now be making our reviews separately, with Toski (being the more theatrically inclined of us two) sticking to making the videos. On the other hand, I will return to my written reviews that I used to do prior to Power Ponies. Don't worry, nothing major happened between us two, we just felt this would be better for the state of our YouTube channel if he made videos himself without having to rely on me being there to record with him.

We'll still create duo videos on the channel from time to time, such as our Let's Plays (or whatever else we feel like making). But for now, he'll be handling video reviews.

So, in the meantime, look out for a review by both of us on the two episodes we still have yet to review: "Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep" and "Canterlot Boutique." Also, since Toski says he'll be starting reviewing the episodes from the beginning of season 5, look out for those reviews too if you want to take a look back at the earlier S5 episodes along with him.

just in case anyone was wondering but I doubt you were