Yeah, for those of you that are unaware, I'm currently on vacation until after New Year's, and I don't really feel like doing anything other than relaxing. So I'm probably not gonna get to my reviews for "Power Ponies" and "Bats!" until I return home.


Oh calm down. Even I need a break from analyzing every weekly episode for a while. I promise, when I get home, I will post the reviews for "Power Ponies" and "Bats!" within a timely manner. But just a tiny spoiler for "Power Ponies," although it was enjoyable, I felt it was a bit flawed in some places.

So I guess this will be my last blog post until next year... or will it?

Yeah, I was able to bring my laptop on vacation with me, which means I can have time to work on my fanfic that I initially slated for release in early January, but since I do have free time, I might get it out before the year is over! I have completed 6 out of 8 chapters, and since I'll be doing a whole lot of nothing for the next week or so, I will possibly be able to finish the fanfic for you guys!

(And for those of you asking why I can't just do the reviews, well, I see my fanfic as leisure, not work. And my reviews are more of an obligation than actual leisure, and I spend hours writing my ideas on the spot, because that's just how I do things.)

Since I really don't have anything else for you guys, have an image that sorta acts as a preview of the subject matter for my fanfic:


Until next time, see ya guys later!