Finally, back to my element after so long. I am way too easily distracted. But I don't wanna bore you guys for too long on how I am a terrible person for not giving you a review, so here is my newest. I hope you guys enjoy!

I am now making a spoiler warning by not making a spoiler warning.

Ok, I really don't need to make a summary for my reviews anymore, so I'll just go back to my old style of reviews with the categories I wanna talk about.

Twilight Sparkle's role: This episode in particular shows great character development for our little purple pony. Throughout this episode, Twilight looks for a way to be helpful in Ponyville's traditional "Winter Wrap Up" day, which is basically every citizen of Ponyville working together to physically bring spring to the town. The main rule is that they cannot use magic, forcing Twilight to find other methods of being helpful. She tries many different things in order to find a way to be helpful, which all end up in failure for her. Even when it seems like she can't do anything right, she finds that she can be good at keeping everyone else organized. We can see her talent for being organized quite a bit throughout the series. This is one of the first major instances where Twilight is described as "organized" and proves to be a major theme of this particular episode. We can see her organization play a role in multiple future episodes, and this episode seems to be where she realizes this skill of hers. To me, this is a great episode for Twilight Sparkle. Nothing seems to be lacking for her in her actions or in her personality at all. Twilight, even though I don't hold you in the highest regard, you did a good job here.

Twilight Sparkle's performance: 9.9 / 10

Supporting cast: Now here's where we start getting a mixed bag. For the sake of saving space, I'll only talk about the other main characters: the rest of the Main 6 plus Spike. To start off, Spike is quite hilarious in this episode. His complete inability to comprehend how the ponies don't use magic at all, coupled with his sarcastic attitude, make him quite humorous and overall enjoyable. However, the other ponies seem kind of... off. They sing a whole song in this episode, complete with Twilight singing about how she is going to have a tough time figuring out how to help out the other ponies without her magic, and immediately after the song is over, Twilight goes to Rainbow Dash to see if she can be of any help to her. Rainbow Dash immediately says, "Oh, hey Twilight! What's up?" RD, you know exactly what's up. You sang a three-minute song about it, for Celestia's sake! Thankfully, it's not too big of a nitpick, but it bugs me a little. The other ponies do this too, but it is way too apparent here. Speaking of the other ponies, they are all in character as always. Rarity makes fancy bird nests for the southern birds who will be returning home, Pinkie adds some fun into her actions by ice-skating on the lakes to help them break along the lines, Fluttershy shows her love for animals by peacefully waking up all the hibernating critters, Applejack is working hard to get all the crops to grow, and Rainbow Dash is moving quickly to get the clouds cleared to melt the snow. They all begin to come into a conflict with each other, when Applejack demands that RD clear the skies quickly in order to melt the snow off of the farmlands. Fluttershy, however, insists that they gradually clear the skies so that the melted snow doesn't flood the dens with sleeping animals inside. I do appreciate that they throw in a little bit of conflict here, it makes the episode more interesting. All in all, the other main characters do a decent job together. A few minor problems, but they get the job done.

Supporting cast's role: 8.3 / 10

The song: Just thought I'd mention this real quick. The song, "Winter Wrap Up," is a great song. It's catchy, upbeat, and sets the mood quite well. It addresses the issue of what Twilight's dilemma is well enough, and explains what Winter Wrap Up Day is and what the ponies do to "wrap up winter." This song isn't in my top five favorites, but maybe it deserves a #6 spot. It's fun to listen to every once in a while, and I even got my mom to start singing it. That's gotta be worth something.

The song: 9 / 10

Now for the final score. (Grabs calculator)

"Winter Wrap Up" Final Score: 9.1 / 10

Please let me get back to reviewing episodes, self! I wanna get through every episode before season 4 starts up! Yes, that is my goal. It's starting to seem pretty unrealistic, but hey, it's a goal, and I'll try to stick to it as much as possible. Now I can finally kick yet another episode off my requested list-

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So anyways, thanks to FlameStar101 for initially requesting this episode, and more recently the user Flutter-on wanted me to review this as well, so give thanks to him too. Hope you enjoyed the review! 

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