Why does this keep happening to me? I have enough free time now, but I keep accidentally neglecting these reviews! No promises, but I will seriously try to make an effort to stop this problem.

(I'm starting to sound like a broken record...)

But my complaints aren't why you're here. Let's get into my newest review: "Sonic Rainboom!"

(insert obligatory stuff about spoilers here)

(now I really am a broken record)

Rainbow Dash's role: I gotta say, even though I personally believe that Rainbow Dash is overrated, I would definitely say that this is one of her best performances. From the beginning up until the climax, you get more and more pumped up as the plot continues to build. You begin to get more and more involved with Rainbow Dash and cheer louder and louder. (Even if you don't, admit it, you kinda wanted to.) She shows that she still has limits at the beginning, and by the end, you really wanna see her surpass those goals. And that's just what she does. You feel her  slowly rise above the rest throughout the episode, even if she clearly shows that even she doesn't think she's capable of doing anything. Rainbow Dash powers through her thoughts and fears and pushes herself past her maximum. She portrays her physical abilities well in the end, and you just wanna get up and cheer when she does.

Rainbow Dash's performance: 10 / 10

Supporting cast: The other five all take a backseat in this episode to let Rainbow Dash have her time in the spotlight. However, Rarity ends up inadvertently stealing the spotlight from her. Throughout the episode, there is a conflict between Rainbow Dash and Rarity. When Rainbow Dash is up in Cloudsdale getting prepared for her performance, Fluttershy is there with her giving her support, while the rest of her friends remain in Ponyville, unable to do anything. That is, until Twilight Sparkle figures out a spell to give them all wings. Rarity decides that she would be the first to test the spell, and she emerges with huge, fragile butterfly wings. After this, Twilight decides that the spell is too complex to cast more than once, and she finds a spell for the rest of them to walk on clouds without wings. They all go up to Cloudsdale to support Rainbow Dash, but Rarity ends up becoming an attention hog with her giant wings. While Rainbow Dash begins to realize that her performance might end up a failure, Rarity decides to enter herself in the competition, blinded within the midst of all her fame. Rainbow Dash becomes increasingly more nervous, and Rarity ends up unintentionally becoming the antagonist. This is pretty interesting, but it comes to my attention that Rarity is stealing Rainbow Dash's rightful place in the competition. This is pretty harsh for her, because not only is she causing her dear friend mental anxiety because of it, but she's the element of generosity. She seems to have no regrets and gets way too caught up in the moment. You could argue that even though the Main 6 are supposed to represent their elements, they are not perfect in that regard. While this is true, she doesn't even look back with any sort of indication that she is doing something wrong. To wrap this up, Rarity brings this section down a notch. Also, Twilight Sparkle and Applejack do almost nothing, and Fluttershy is as adorable as ever. (...There's my Fluttershy bias showing again.)

The Main 6 (minus Rainbow Dash): 9 / 10

The plot: As we start off, we see Rainbow Dash teaching Fluttershy how to cheer. However, her cheering apparently needs work, as she cheers so softly, you almost feel the need to turn up the volume. We then see Rainbow Dash go through the moves she will conduct at the upcoming performance she is going to. Her motivation for this event is that the winner gets to spend a day with the Wonderbolts, her personal idols and inspirations. As she attempts to pull off a sonic rainboom (basically a sonic boom, but it creates a rainbow... not too complicated, right?), she ends up getting catapulted backwards by the mach cone she creates, and crash-lands in Twilight's library. After Rainbow Dash flies off to train herself some more, Fluttershy explains to the rest of them what is going on with their friend. They try to find a spell so that they can enter Cloudsdale to cheer Rainbow Dash on. Since I explained some of what follows this earlier, I'll skip to where I left off. When they get to the event, Rainbow Dash is extremely nervous, but she realizes that she is only second in line to perform. Out of fear, she switches numbers with other ponies until she eventually gets the fifteenth slot. Rarity is also procrastinating with making herself look presentable, and it leads up to a point where both Rainbow Dash and Rarity are left. Since the event is running out of time, they both go out together. Rarity impresses the audience with her wings while Rainbow Dash goes off to execute her stunts.

They both reach their finishing moves at relatively the same time. Rarity flies up high to show off the color of her thin wings in the light of the sun. However, her wings incinerate due to the direct and intense heat of the sun, and she comes plummeting toward the ground. Rainbow Dash has also achieved an immense height, and when she notices her friend in danger, she races down to catch her. The Wonderbolts, who were standing by, also race down to help the falling unicorn, but are knocked unconscious with her hooves flailing about in her panic. Rainbow Dash begins to pick up speed as she continues to reach for the group who are getting closer and closer to the ground. With her increase in speed, she has enough acceleration to perform her long-awaited sonic rainboom. As Fluttershy finally gets enough inspiration to cheer at the top of her lungs (seriously, you might feel compelled to turn down the volume here), Rainbow Dash swoops the ponies up moments before they meet the ground, and flies them back up to the safety of Cloudsdale. Rarity apologizes to Rainbow Dash for being such a glory hog, and while this is happening, the Wonderbolts regain consciousness and go off to congratulate Rainbow Dash as being crowned the winner with her impressive save. She and the Wonderbolts then fly off to get to know one another. This is a great plot, don't get me wrong, but as I said before, Rarity soaking up all the attention is not very much like her. For me, it doesn't damage my experiences that much, and I still hold this episode to be very enjoyable and exciting as well.

The plot: 9.6 / 10

Now let's add up the three scores, and see what we get.

"Sonic Rainboom" Final Score: 9.5 / 10

I really enjoyed this episode, and apparently the episode is so imprinted into my mind as of now, that I didn't even need to bother with rewatching the episode as I usually do right before my reviews. That's something, right?

Well anyway, let's stop here for now. Before I wrap this up, be sure to give thanks to Prince Doopliss for making the request to review this episode, and as always, stay tuned for more, and continue to give support and feedback. I love hearing what you guys think; don't be shy to give me your thoughts! Until next time, this is EHAN, bringing you yet another review!

(Seriously though, the volume switch will get some well-needed exercise in this episode just from Fluttershy alone.)