Surprise second review! I feel that since I have enough free time right now (even though I probably should be sleeping) I will treat you guys to yet another review! Enjoy!

Bleh more spoilers

Pinkie Pie's role: I think this is probably my favorite Pinkie Pie episode to date. No, not because of her "Pinkamena" phase. She can be funny here without her darker side. Her comedic side really shines through in this episode, and it would be too hard to name all the instances. I'll just make it easier and say that almost every moment with Pinkie Pie is comedy gold. It is kind of interesting to watch her slow descent into insanity throughout the episode though. I like her "Pinkamena" side because of how drastic of a switch it is for her character. Even the simple premise of "Pinkamena" just amuses me. I would like to see this side of Pinkie show a little more in the future. Pinkie Pie was a main reason why I enjoyed this episode so much.

Pinkie Pie's performance: 9.8 / 10

Supporting cast: (This will fit the role of the rest of the Main 6, plus Spike.) Everyone in this episode is really in character. They aren't all too spectacular, but at least they are faithful to their personalities. Twilight doesn't show much of a personality here, just going with whatever the situation calls for her to do. Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy are both kinda the same, with a little more showing for them. Rarity shows a bit more, with her elegant and squeamish sides showing most throughout the episode. Spike isn't too bad either, who acts like the witty dragon we all have come to know. Then we have Applejack, who to me is the best out of the supporting cast here. When the rest of the ponies are all trying to keep a secret from Pinkie, she is left to confront her. And we all know how she is with honesty. You can tell that she is trying to hide the truth, and only throws out tiny lies to try to distract Pinkie Pie. This leads to one of my favorite Applejack moments in the show, where Applejack tries to convince Pinkie that there is nothing wrong and that she should just go on her way. Applejack's inability to tell lies just makes this scene downright hilarious, and the faces she makes add to the humor value. I am kinda let down by the rest of the ponies, who don't really add much to the comedic side of the plot. Heck, I'm admitting that even Fluttershy isn't all that special in this episode. That's gotta mean something. It doesn't wreck the episode too much, but I felt I should at least mention it.

Supporting cast's performance: 7.8 / 10

The plot: The episode starts off with Pinkie Pie inviting her friends to a birthday party for her pet alligator named Gummy. The party kicks off with all of the ponies having a good time. At the end of the party, Twilight compliments Pinkie on the party and tells her that she should throw another one soon. Pinkie Pie decides that the next day is soon enough, but all of her friends seem to have excuses to why they can't go to the party. Pinkie notices that they are all planning something behind their back and consults Spike about it. When he proves to be of no help, Pinkie begins to descend into madness as she abandons her friends for imaginary friends. Rainbow Dash arrives to bring Pinkie to Sweet Apple Acres, where the rest of the ponies had been busy setting up a surprise party for Pinkie Pie's birthday. Of course, while Pinkie was trying to make another party, she had forgotten to make one for herself. She forgives the other ponies and the episode ends on yet another happy note. The plot seems to have a nice slice-of-life atmosphere to it. I like it when episodes try to do this sort of style for their episodes: not so much about their adventures but more about how they see experiences. I applaud this episode for being quite original, and it kept my interest and brought it in deeper as the story progressed.

The plot: 8.9 / 10

"Party of One" Final Score: 8.8 / 10

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