Well guys, I'm back after a short hiatus. First of all, I apologize for being away, most of the reason why I was inactive is school related stuff. I most likely won't post a review on weekdays, because I can never find the free time to during a school week. I might not be able to get to any other reviews after today, so just be patient for the next ones. But enough talk, and more reviewing! I've been waiting to get a chance to do this one, but it's finally here! This is my review of: "The Last Roundup!"

(A bit of trivia before I start, this is the first full episode of MLP:FiM that I have ever watched. So it holds a special place in the brony side of me just for that.)

If you haven't watched the episode, then it's spoilers after this point.

But I must be talking to all two of you anyway who haven't seen this one.

(And if you haven't, then watch it already!)

Derpy's role: Now you might be thinking: "wait what?" The reason I made this have its own category is for one simple reason: DERPY SPEAKS! And in addition, she gets six whole lines! That's more than King Sombra has!

Derpy's performance: 11/10 (Best episode ever!)

All right, this first section is more of a joke than anything. Now let's get into what the actual episode is about!

Applejack's role: For an Applejack-centric episode, I quite enjoyed the role she played in it. She seems to be stuck in a real predicament here. When she goes to a rodeo competition, she is expected by her friends to win first place and get the large amount of prize money that the mayor plans to use to fix up the town hall. (That Derpy possibly caused damage to. But she was still awesome!) When she competes, though, she doesn't win any first place prizes and doesn't get any prize money. She is too ashamed to return home with less than her friends and family back home expected her to have, and decides to make money at a cherry farm. However, once her friends confront her on the issue, she lies to them about how the competiton went. This irks me a little, because, well, she's the embodiment of the Element of Honesty! She has shown before that she is almost incapable of lying at all! She is able to lie with barely any problem here! It doesn't make much sense, but hey, she has an actual reason to lie here. The situation is pretty real, and her reaction to it is natural. So I guess I can forgive her this time. (But just this once. I'm watching you, Applejack!)

Applejack's performance: 9.6 / 10

The rest of the main 6's roles: What you have here is every member of the main 6 (excluding Applejack) acting pretty much perfectly in character. Rainbow Dash acts as the driving force of the group, always confronting Applejack head on about the situation. Fluttershy is her easily startled, incapable, but adorkable self, and, well, just plain shy (obviously). Pinkie Pie here, though, is what really keeps me entertained! She seems to be about five times as crazy as she is in other episodes. (It must be all the candy she eats at the beginning of the episode.) At one point in this episode, the other ponies use her as a method of torture for Applejack because she isn't telling them the truth. Don't worry, no physical pain was involved, just incessant talking and talking! Obviously, the comedy is top-notch, even if Pinkie Pie is the source for 95% of it. In contrast to the three I have already mentioned, Twilight Sparkle and Rarity didn't see much action at all. Kinda a missed opportunity in that regard if I say so myself. Other than that, they were all enetertaining.

The rest of the main 6's performance: 9.7 / 10

The plot: The story for this episode is nicely written. I would say that in terms of story, this episode never bored me, and that it captivates me throughout the whole thing. It wasn't rushed, or too drawn out. I would say that this episode has the best sense of time constraints out of the whole series. Applejack's conflicts here seem to be natural, and her reactions to it are likewise. Her friends do seem to worry for her, and care for her well being. They go on a long journey throughout Equestria to find her, and they are taken into the middle of nowhere to find her. Their concern is certainly justified, and they just want to know what she is up to away from home. (And, of course, it is nice to see Derpy get a prominent appearence here. I mean, really, a speaking role? That proves Hasbro cares about us! Or if they don't, they did at one point.)

The plot: 10 / 10

Now, time for my final score! This episode, in my opinion, receives a score of...

"The Last Roundup" Final Score: 9.8 / 10

Again, everyone, I apologize for the delay between reviews, I'm trying to do the best I can. I might not get to another review for a while, so just be patient. Also, give thanks to Vault 75 for requesting this episode. Well, I guess that's it for now, guys, so just stay tuned for my next review (whenever it comes)!