Gah, two weeks without a review? What kind of horrible tragedy is this?

You're all used to this by now, so yeah, apologies for my hiatus are in order once again, and without further ado, welcome back to yet another review. This time around, I'll be reviewing "Read It and Weep" for you guys! Enjoy!

(I'm going to test out a newer format with this review. By abandoning my original style of individually scoring sections and then averaging the scores together, I'll just talk about the episode as a whole and score it based on that. If this method doesn't work out with you guys, tell me, and I'll go back to the original style.)

Ain't nobody got time for spoiler alerts!

Since Rainbow Dash is basically the only character that really matters here, she will get a section of my review all to herself. In this episode, I can honestly say that Rainbow Dash is pretty enjoyable. She has a conflict that while her wing is injured after performing dangerous flying stunts, she has to stay in the hospital for a week. Rainbow Dash is obviously known as being the adventurous type, and as such, she absolutely loathes being trapped in a room for a week. When she is talking to her friends who are visiting her, Rainbow Dash is constantly looking for things to do, but her sources of entertainment are quite limited in the hospital. Twilight Sparkle mentions that she could try reading, but Rainbow Dash is quick to object to this. Rainbow Dash mentions that she thinks reading is only for smart "eggheads" like Twilight. However, as time passes, she finds herself all alone with nothing to do but read the book that Twilight offered her. She ends up enjoying the heck out of it, but then realizes that she herself has become an "egghead" by loving the book so much. She then feels some guilt for what she had said in the past about reading books, and tries to keep her newfound love of reading a secret from the other five during their subsequent visits to the hospital. She ends up so invested in the book that she loses all track of time and her one week in the hospital flies by like nothing. Rainbow Dash apparently had become so invested in the book that she sneaks back into the hospital in the middle of the night and tries to steal it. I admit, this is pretty hilarious for her character, but, to me, it does seem like something Rainbow Dash would do. After she grabs the book and makes a run for it, she wakes all of her friends as she runs through town, trying to evade the doctors and nurses who are giving chase. She is finally caught right outside of Twilight Sparkle's house, and her friends all ask what she had been doing to cause all of this chaos. Rainbow Dash gives up hiding the truth and tells them about how she has been very entertained by the book Twilight gave her. Twilight then responds to her, saying that she should have just asked to borrow her copy of the book. Twilight then allows Rainbow Dash to borrow any of her books whenever she wants. In the last scene, we see Rainbow Dash happily finishing the book she was reading, and then picks up the next book in the series from the pile of books that she had borrowed from her friend. 

This lesson that Rainbow Dash learns actually reminds me of something else: a person watching FiM for the first time. If there is an episode that newcomers to the series should watch first, this might be it. The writing is well thought-out, the jokes can be pretty humorous, and the overall episode as a whole strikes a balance of slow and exciting parts. We get to see some pretty valuable development in Rainbow Dash's character. She comes to realize that not everything will be appealing at first glance, but if you give things a try, they will quickly grow on you. I think all who aren't fans of the show should at least give this episode a try. Sure, it's not the best episode out there, but it's definitely one that is more geared towards newer fans. If you are wondering what episode to show to your friend who is on the fence about getting into the series, try this one. They might end up really enjoying it, and hopefully they will get the hidden meaning of the episode.

(Some of this episode is about Rainbow Dash reading the book, which is called "Daring Do and the Quest for the Sapphire Stone." The segments of the book are shown as if they are an actual episode. The idea of this book series brought up within the episode intrigues me quite a bit, and I actually want to see it turned into a spin-off. Not a top-priority demand, but it's an idea of mine.)

Read It and Weep Final Score: 8.5 / 10

So guys, that's it for this review. As always, feedback in the comments is appreciated. Did you like the review? What are your thoughts on the new format? Did you personally like the episode? Any episodes you would like to request? Any other miscellaneous thoughts and tidbits? I love to hear what your guys' opinions are, so just comment to your hearts' content and I'm willing to listen! See you later!

(Before I forget, be sure to give thanks to MK300 for this request in particular.)